Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clover is so cute....

that I have no need to complain....about anything.

Went to Wal-Mart this morning after we dropped Jayla off at school to get a few (many) things. Shhh...don't tell the boys. As far as they know we 'stopped in' for 'a couple' items. You know, the "c'mon guys, mommy only needs to pick up a couple things...we'll be really quick" spiel and we next see daylight 60 minutes later...
After making our way through the store, with our boatload, we get to the registers to find only 2 lanes open, and they are both express. Both have 4-5 people in line.
Grrrr. Double and triple Grrrr.

Don't these WM executives know there are people like me shopping? People with a Stryder in their cart? Moms who have been telling their children for 58 minutes that we're ALMOST FINISHED, so JUST HANG IN THERE, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING and STAY RIGHT WITH ME.

I broke down and complained. Shamefully, I a manager...or at least I tried to.

The problem is, the manager was so enthralled with our baby, she had no regard for anything I had to say.
Manager: Oooooh, your baby is so pretty.
Me: Yes, Thank you.
Manager: How old is she?
Me: Almost 4 months.
Manager: What's her name?
Me: Clover.
Manager: That's so cute.
Me: Thank you. Again.
Manager: Look at her little face.
Me: No, I'm looking at your face, lady. (Not really, only in my thoughts.)
Manager: I always wanted a little girl. She is really sweet.
Me: Waiving my hands in the air, 1-2-3, eyes on me! (Again, in my thoughts.)
Hello? Ma'am? The registers? You need to open more? I'm trying to complain here??
Manager: (finally) Oh yeah, we need to hire some more cashiers.
Me: Alright then. Thank you. Now, it's finally my turn in line, and wasn't that fun and wildly productive?

So here I am, again. Reminded that complaining doesn't really do much good and it definitely doesn't lend toward grateful living. I should stand in line, thankfully. Thankful for all this food. Thankful for enough money to purchase it. Thankful for these kids that shop with me. Thankful that I've really got a huge amount of flexibility with my time. What's another 10 minutes in line when there are actual starving people out there who would do anything just to have the opportunities to eat that our family does? A little PERSPECTIVE, please. Always happens when I grocery shop. Good thing Clover is so darn cute to remind me of all of this and put me in my place. Lesson learned, at least until next time.


ctjeablack said...

She is darn cute! I always wanted a little girl too...oh yes, back to the line!! It always is hard to keep perspective with those little ones constantly trying to change it...

Holly said...

I avoid WalMart pretty much like the plauge for THAT exact reason...the lines. (well, lots of reasons but that being the main one!) I always tell my kids to be really really lound in line so that the checkers might move faster - never works.

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