Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, May 16, 2008

Home again home again...

jiggity jig.
Bob's on his way home.
Stryder is back with us (I was broken in quickly with a trip to Safeway right after we picked him up....I won't say anymore about that. You're welcome.)
We're having a party tonight. A dinner party, for 7. Tacos. Dancing. Plenty of jumping about and pouncing on Daddy because life this week involved far too little tickling in JOTS's opinion.
Then, I'm going to ask dad to tuck the kids into bed so I can slip away to my private spa for that treatment I didn't get around to last week.

Shall I admit it? Okay, I will. I didn't even miss Bob much.
I had a realization: My life is pretty busy. So busy in fact, that I don't even pine away for my absent husband anymore when he leaves town. There's just no time for that kind of self-indulgent silliness. Go figure. Maybe it's all those hours he logs at work on a normal week or the fact that he often works evenings anyway. Whatever the reason, the days and nights flew by and I'm happy about that.
This time apart has got me thinking...Mr. Deutsch and I have built such a life together. Here we are, living a full and (mostly) happy life. A life that has changed me immeasurably, making me the kind of woman that is so busy she doesn't find the time to miss her husband. A life that challenges me, humbles me, keeps me in nearly constant motion and looking upward all day long for wisdom, patience, and strength so I can be a worthy caretaker for those little faces I see when I look downward.
And that, is a very, very good thing.
I love my baby daddy.
Welcome home Bobby.

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Holly said...

(ssshhhh....little known secret: military wives, after their husbands have been home for a while, secretly look forward to the 'short' trips so they can get some stuff done - we all sit around and laugh about it together - we miss them horribly on the long trips but the short ones are awesome!!!)

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