Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect.

Or at least much, much better.
We made it to church this morning and all went smoothly.

Little kids are kind of like loose cannons.
You never can tell exactly what will set them off, or when it will happen.
And sometimes, you just simply can not get them to do what you want them to do exactly when you want them to do it. Which can really irk authoritarian type of parents : )
Our kids are teaching us flexibility, and how to eat plentiful portions of humble pie because we are so obviously not the family that has it all together.
And although it is clear, we do not have our act together, we are here....together. For better or worse. In times of sickness and in health. Those words are no longer a vague cliche. Over the years, they become a beautiful, challenging reality.
We are together, through the tears and frustrations. When things flow along easily and when the battle is straight uphill. In those split-second decisions when we have absolutely no clue whether we should draw a hard line or offer a gentle hug. As we teach our children what to do by our good example and what not to do by the bad. During the moments of spontaneous joy that make our hearts feel like they could burst wide open, before they vanish away again into the normalcy of life, and a glass of spilled milk that must be cleaned up. We are a family, and I am so thankful we get to experience our days in this blessed unity.

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EM said...

You're right, being together is beautiful, fun, difficult, crazy, rewarding, terrifying and sublime. All at once.

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