Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some answers to some questions....

I'll put all the answers I can think of here, because there have been many adoption questions.

Why adopt?
Bob and I have thought about this for several years. We feel like this is absolutely our place of service at this time in our lives and that we can help with God's command to care for the orphans by adding to our family in this way. It is not a new desire for us. I remember sitting in our church 5 years ago listening to a guest speaker sharing on the subject of recognizing your "dreams," the desires God has put on your heart, and being willing to step out of your comfort zone to fulfill those God-given desires. Without hesitation or question, I knew my dream would be this. It is Bob's too and he is the kind of man that is 100% willing/able to welcome children that were not born to us biologically. There has been no convincing on either of our parts. We feel called to this individually, as a couple, and as a family. We have investigated this topic from 3 angles: foster adopt, domestic adoption, and international adoption.

Why Ethiopia Africa?
The AIDS epidemic leaving millions of children orphaned, the homeless children living alone on the streets, the parentless children living in their homes alone left vulnerable, the lack of food/water and health care, the recognition that we could not imagine those types of hardships and we can do something to help. Something extremely small, but more than nothing.

We are aggressively saving money now. Our best estimates would be beginning the process in approximately a year to a year and a half. The process itself usually takes around year to a year and a half, so Clover would be 2 1/2-3 and Jayla would be 8 1/2-9 when it is all said and done, God willing. In addition to adoption expenses, we will need a new vehicle, so that is another consideration for timing. 9 people can not legally or comfortably fit in a minivan : )
Our generous friends have put us one substantial step closer.

How many?
We are currently thinking of a sibling pair. This is subject to change. Many reasons for this, too many to explain here, but I will tell you it was Bob's idea to lean toward 2 rather than 1. I fully support that.

Do you have room?
We have 35 acres : ) We have 3 kid's bedrooms. This would leave 1 for J&C, 1 for O,T&S, and 1 for adopted children. Our children are fine with that. Later, we can expand and finish our garage to make more room if needed.

Don't you already complain that your lives are difficult?
Why, yes I do. That' my problem. (Which I am working on!)
If we all avoided what was hard none of us would do much of anything....get married, have children, go to college, start businesses....
We have been gradually growing into large family kind of people, and that process has not been without it's pains, but it is changing us into the kind of parents who really want to do this. We are far from perfect at parenting, but we are committed and willing to receive, love, and care for adopted kids.

What about the expenses of a family this size?
Where God calls, He provides.
Our family already leads a "counter-cultural" lifestyle. We are EXTREMELY light on activities for the kids, don't really ever vacation, no electronics worth mentioning (no ipods, MP3 players, video games) don't have gym memberships, etc. We lead simple lives by most American standards, so our lives are not as expensive as people might think. Our top priorities are healthy food, a home to live in, beds to sleep in, clean water, transportation, clothing to wear, everything else is gravy. We spend a lot of time just hanging out at home with the kids.

That's all I can think of for now. Maybe this helps.
We feel grateful to God to live here where we have such abundance and such opportunity to give. Obviously, nothing is set in stone, but this is the direction we are prayerfully headed. The kids are completely on board and orphan discussions have been a way of life for them. It's not something we have "sprung on them." J and O tell people all the time that our family wants to adopt a couple of kids. Jayla also recently shared with me she wants to work at Wal Mart when she grows up and adopt some orphans....sweet girl.
Praising God for His goodness and mercy,


Keana said...

I love that you have worked this out and that you are comfortable with all the questions. Josh and I have always wanted to adopt and when I mention that many people give me a strange look since we have two girls of our own. The only thing that I can tell them is that God has placed this on our hearts and he will let us know when the time is right. I'm proud of you and the sacrifices you are making to fulfill God's plan for you, your family and the 2+ children who don't even know about you yet. What a difference you will have on their lives!

Debbie said...

I stand in awe of you and your husband. I just don't know what else to say that doesn't sound trite. I really really admire you.

Allmykids123 said...

It is so beautiful that you are following your calling and opening your home to children who need one. I too, have often thought about adopting, but don't feel like we are ready as a family. I'm anxious to hear more about your progress in expanding your beautiful family.

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