Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, July 11, 2008

Definition of a Bucket Truck:

The truck my dad uses to reach the electricity.

Utility Company's family picnic yesterday. Kids went on bucket truck rides. Except for Stryder of course, because there was NO WAY he was wearing that harness required for safety. It was even more offensive to him than inflatable swimwear....and those pesky diapers he can barely tolerate.
They enjoyed their ride, way way up high in the sky. This ride took place just prior to nearly passing out from heat stroke. We had to exit the picnic early due to blond-haired, fair skinned, blotchy red faced children sweating profusely in places their little bodies had never perspired before. Our car's thermometer read 100 degrees. It was hot. It almost had me considering Russia for our adoption rather than Ethiopia. Almost : )


Alicia said...

Sounds like Texas weather. we seriously have to find a way to get Davis on one of those!!

Kim said...

oh how fun!! thanks for sharing the pics.

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