Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, August 11, 2008

Celebrating Jayla's birthday.

J is turning 7 this week, and I am apparently turning 107. We went to Mr. Biggs to have some fun. I am so old and set in my (freakishly clean)ways. I had to really concentrate on all that fun we were experiencing and try to forget about the sticky, tacky, blackish film on every item in that place. Especially all the pretend food going into the mouths of my babes. I'm thinking that may be why they have a bar there. To help the parents cope with all those good times they are about to embark upon once they step foot in grimeville. I don't seem to remember noticing these types of germs in my younger, more carefree, obviously dirtier years. The kids weren't bothered a bit.
No offence Mr. Bigg, but perhaps your place should be called Funkytown rather than Bigg City : )

We came home and scoured the top layer of skin off our hands then enjoyed some ice cream cupcakes. Her second celebration with gifts and her favorite dinner will take place on Wednesday, her actual birthday.


Amy© said...

Happy birthday Jayla!

Tisha, I know how you feel. We don't have a Mr. Biggs, but we do have Chuck E. Cheese. JC says it's the 9th circle of hell. Maybe if Chuck E. Cheese added a bar, he'd enjoy it more! ;)

Anonymous said...

She is seven times older, seven times a more beautiful little girl,and makes me seven times more blessed to be her daddy!


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