Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I've currently got 4 of them. Have been considering getting another one for several months. A small flower with 5 petals. Which, could later have added a stem with a couple of green leaves. (Then, maybe even a couple more : ) Get it?

On to the point now.

I've been carefully considering if I should avoid doing this because it might be a stumbling block to some people. Are tattoos so common these days that they no longer provoke any negative thoughts about the inked owners? Or do they still give off a certain impression? One that gives people pause.
Personally, I like them. I guess that's obvious, and a silly thing to point out.
I'm thinking it's the inward adorning of the heart really matters. I do though understand that the way we look will prompt people to draw certain conclusions about us.
My life is but a vapor. My physical body is just a decaying carcass on it's way to the crematory. What does it matter if or how it's decorated? It will return to dust inked, or uninked. But as God looks on the heart, man looks on the outward appearance, and I don't want my appearance to be a hindrance to reaching others for Christ or having my life glorify God.

At a meeting we attended where purity was the topic, this issue was addressed, and a certain tattooed, popular Christian male musician was mentioned. Those speakers felt his message was absolutely hindered. Wow. I had never thought about that before. It made me wonder....
Is it a bad idea? Does it matter one way or the other? Do they cause people to automatically make certain assumptions? Is it shallow and ridiculous to even spend time contemplating things like this when there are much more important issues to consider? Shall I head to the parolor or let the idea go? Hmmm....


EM said...

Hi Tisha,
I saw a pic of you and noticed you had a tattoo. Do you know what my impression was? Relief! I thought to myself, "ahhh, she's a real person. She is the kind of person who will not judge others, she is comfortable to be herself, thank Goodness." I'm not sure why it was such a relief to me, but I like the idea of your new tattoos.
That said, I just finished reading Romans and Paul's advice is that it is important to mull over this decision. You do have freedom in Christ, but you also have responsibility to build up and help other believers. He doesn't tell you one way or another, but I commend you in your consideration of others. I know the Holy Spirit will guide you in this decision.

chrisnoelle said...

Ahhhh, to ink or not to ink, that is the question.........
It is a ''minor'' issue. The answer lies in you. Theologians and rank and file have been flip-flopping this issue forever and will continue to. It is what the motivation is behind it that can be ''sinful'' or not. ex: a teenager rebelling against parents by getting one to ''t them off'' would be wrong. You, want it to display your children and you like prob. Where do you draw the line? I have a tattoo on my lower eyelids for ''makeup'' that wrong?
.....I still don't want it to hurt.....

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