Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, September 15, 2008

Going to Wendy's

Not the fast food restaurant, but The Jeubs!! The family from Kids By the Dozen on TLC, (which I can sadly no longer watch because we cut our are Jon&Kate doing anyway? Wait a minute, I'm getting off track here.) Back to the point...On Friday, I get to spend the day helping out with preparations for the Jeub's annual birthday bash for all their children (12 at home) at once. What fun! I've already shared my admiration for their family and others with a brood that size, so I will spare you by not lavishing praises on the mega families *yet again* ;-) Unfortunately, we can not attend the party on Saturday because Bob is working, but I will really enjoy the opportunity to spend time at their home, assisting in any way I can. I'm very excited to be able to observe! I want to see how they negotiate the noise, the messes that children bring, sibling rivalry, meals, etc. Have I mentioned I'm thrilled? There is no way I would rather spend Friday, September 19. And yes, I really do mean that.


Holly said...

the jealousy and curiosity are killing me!
do you know them?
can you bring a hidden camera???;-)

Sandy said...

Tisha I was just thinking that this Friday might be a good time for a home cooked Indian meal at my house? Interested? Just kidding... have a blast at Wendy's. That party did look like a lot of fun, at least based on the invitation that I received. :)

Have fun!! And, blog about it.

Tisha said...

Yes, I met them at a presentation they gave at our church last spring to homeschooling families. I made myself known to her ;-)

Sandy, you're crackin me up!

(I forwarded my e mail invitation to the party to Sandy the other day when we were chatting on the phone so she could see proof that I know someone SUPER famous. I just wanted her to think I was cool. It worked. She totally does. :)

Alicia said...

Sandy, I don't know you...but that Indian meal sounds good to me. Too bad I live in are off the hook!!

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