Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, September 01, 2008

It cured me.

My mom took T and S for an overnight stay, leaving us with J,O & C. We did what any normal couple with (only) 3 kids would do. We took our freedom from toddler tag-alongs and we partied. Dinner out. At a real restaurant. The kind with a real person serving us the food which required a real tip. Wild and crazy I'm telling you. And, that's not all. Afterward we went to Memorial Park for the Balloon Glow, which unfortunately was cancelled due to weather, but since we've never been to it before we had no idea what we were missing. We went on ahead and enjoyed some time funning-around at the park as a family of 5 for one evening. The littler ones (except for our 4-leaf-girl, of course) got to be the center of their grandma's attention. For me, being without the smaller boys was a glimpse into our future. One that holds bigger, older, and more mature kids. I must admit, it was very, very nice. I vow to never again cry over our children growing long as they promise to never move out of our house.

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