Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bad pictures

JO&S crashing in front of a movie with their friends, the Gregg kids, after running and playing hard all evening. Our families enjoyed an unplanned, unexpected dinner together. Easy and relaxing, it was really fun. No preparation required when you don't know you'll have guests. I wasn't even showered : ) Yep, yucky.
We ate the most delicious calzones made by Lindy that she just happened to have with her for the weirdest reason. Frozen pizza for the kids, carrots plucked from the garden, homemade peach crisp whipped up quickly, watermelon and ice cream picked up by Bobby on the way home and wala-dinner is served.

Why are these pictures blurry? I don't know. They don't look that way on my screen, only when uploaded to blogger. Here is blurry me with my blurry boy, taken on a different day when I had indeed bathed.

Fuzzy Onyx and Clover.

A hazy dance scene between another brother and sister. One more.
Unclear dolly.
Out of focus Ty.
And lastly, shaky J.
Looking good, good looking.

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Lindy said...

Love your pics--even if blurry! I've had that problem before, too, with blogger. Also had one where it turned all my pics sideways when posting them! Maybe it's having a bad hair day! We had a great time--thanks for spontaneously hosting!

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