Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yay Stryder!

The kids had dentist appointments this morning. We're going to a new pediatric place who likes to start seeing kids early. Like probably at birth. On your way home from the hospital delivery room. Before they have visible teeth. Or at least a year old.

Really, I thought? Alrighty then. Have it your way. I'll bring my 3 year old with mad screaming skills in decibels that can shatter glass to you, if ya want him. You asked for it....
He started decorating the place with his presence right when we walked in the door. Cowboy boots with shorts is one fine look on a fair haired blue eyed boy with a mowhawk.
Then, much to my surprise and disbelief, he put on the sunglasses, laid back, opened his mouth wide and behaved like a perfect little gentleman! Even cooperated for X rays.
Well, by golly. Blow me over with a feather.
I am so, so proud of this boy. My heart, it swells.

We were even complimented by the hygienists for having good kids.
(Strangely, this was within mere moments of an incident where we were on the receiving end of the nasty stink eye from a woman in the waiting room as the boys started using the over-sized stuffed animals as weapons on one another, pillow-fight style. Eh, whatareyagonnado? Can't win em all.)

The other kids were pros too and no cavities for the bunch. Dolly did cry. Loudly. But that's okay because she's my baby who is growing up too fast, so she can get away with almost anything. Yes, that's fair.

Although it would seem to be a fantastic photo op, worthy of documentation, I did not get one because I was kept occupied the entire.time. getting major hand cramp. Forms and forms and forms to be filled out. The same forms for each child. Yep, we're their parents. All of them. And we live at the same address with the same father and have the same insurance. Why do I have to write this 5 times? I don't know.
Forest conservation, anyone? Seriously.


Stephanie Headley said...

I know the whole paperwork thing is crazy....I'm always asking Zoie and Baylee's school if I can just fill out one set, and they can copy them, then I'll fill in the name. Since they're twins, the only thing different is the name! They don't seem to have a sense of humor, none of them ever laugh...or let me do that! I sure don't understand it!

Courtney said...

oh. those forms! seriously...can we start a group or something to eliminate that??

Tisha said...

Yes Courtney! It could be called MAWP. Mothers Against Wasted Paper : ) Then, ALL that money saved in ALL those offices and schools that are throwing away millions of dollars on paper they will shred immediately after they input your information, could go to CLEAN WATER for people who don't have the luxury of excesssive waste! Wouldn't that be something?!

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