Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brrr and Grrr

It's cold and wet and rainy and snowy....STILL!
Windy too. Not breezy, so the kids can go outside and play, but blustery, blow-away-windy.
Kids had colds. I've been fighting a cold off.
I was NOT prepared for this!! Cooped up with energetic children is a winter condition, not summer/fall! I'm using lots of (!!) because I'm yelling! (In my mind, that is. It's quiet time and I wouldn't want to wake munchkins.)
Warmer weather headed our way this weekend. Thank you Lord. It will give me some time to get my bag-o-tricks ready for when we have legitimate cabin fever.
Being able to play outside makes all the difference in the world to the people who live here.
And, I had to go to the dentist yesterday afternoon for a crown. That was fun.
Disclaimer: This is not griping. It is merely therapeutic honest expression. (smile)

Notice anything funny about this picture?

What do I do with the little ones while the big kids do school?
Well now, that is a good question! Um, pull my hair out? You saw it was getting shorter, didn't you? Oh wait, I do that alone, not with them.
They all start at our table together. I give snacks first because by the time we begin school, it has been an entire hour and a half since breakfast, so the kids are famished, naturally. I like to start with reading to them, either literature, history and geography, or science. That way, I figure some will sink in to the minds of the younger children and I may not have to re-teach it all when they're in school. (Wishful thinking.) Stryder and Clover color. Tyden is practicing writing. Stryder is usually the first to leave the table and goes into our playroom to build with legos.
He stays nicely occupied with that. Tyden finishes his work, then he can go too and by that time I will often turn on Barney or Word World for Stryder and Clover. Tyden watches with them and does legos as well. Clover comes back into the kitchen every few minutes and drives me crazy climbing on top of the table, pulling things out of the cabinets, and messing with Jayla and Onyx.
Good times!
Each year, it seems to become easier and I'm guessing that by next year at this time Clover will be better at occupying herself in more constructive ways.
Sorry-I have no really good suggestions other than this: Breathe deeply and carry on.

When will we travel to pick up kids?
Well now, that is a good question! Our dossier docs just reached Bethany's National office. If they 'pass inspection' they will go to Ethiopia soon to be translated.....etc.
We will receive official referrals for the 2 children.
We will accept official referrals for the 2 children. (More paperwork!)
A court date will be set in Ethiopia. A power of attorney will appear on our behalf.
If we pass court the first time, I think we will travel soon after that. (People often don't pass court their first try and have to have to schedule another date.)
There was a 8-9 week TB testing process for immigrants that had to be complete before travel could happen.
It's now looking like the kids may be able to travel while that testing is going on, rather than waiting in country for results. ??? Gov't things seem to change all the time.....
So, we're not sure!
Sorry, I have no concrete answers. Beginning of 2010? Maybe.

One step at a time....So, I just breathe deeply and carry on.

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Courtney said...

i'm SORRY your weather is so stinky! that's the WORST! {i won't tell you what our weather was like today...but there were swimsuits and sprinklers involved.}

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