Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bubbly Brew

Making laundry soap this morning. Had to find a simple recipe that didn't call for a host of obscure ingredients I can not locate on the store's shelves while shopping with my young entourage.
Who can find castile soap? Glycerin? Zote soap? Not I.
This recipe:
12 cups water
2 bars grated ivory soap
1/4 cup baking soda
1 cup borax
Boil until soap disolves, cool.
Easy breezy and it works wonders on our clothes!
Well, hold on-since this is my first attempt, I probably shouldn't say that because I haven't actually tried it yet.
But, I'm guessing it will work wonders on our clothes!
Bonus: it makes the kitchen smell nice and fresh and clean.
Family movie last night-The Incredible Hulk.
The weather is warm today. Clothes are drying on the line. Kids are playing outside, dad is working on boys' beds in the garage and life is very good.


Holly said...

I use the powdered version of this:
1c borax
1c washing soda
2 c Fels Naptha (in laundry isle, looks like bar of soap) or 2 c Ivory Soap

I grate the soap and then blend all the ing together in a food processor
used it for a long time, LOVE IT!

(p.s. Castile Soap is at Target in the cosmetic department - just in case you venture into making your own household spray cleaner)

Tisha said...

Thanks Holly! I have been looking, and looking, and avail.
I remember when you started making your laundry soap. I must be the last person to get on the bandwagon :)
I don't think I've been in a Target for over a year. Maybe that's my problem!
I use vinegar and water to clean. Baking soda for sinks, tubs, toilets. Does castile work better?

Kim said...

I use the same ing. only in the dry form. Works great on my and the kids clothes, but not on hubby's clothes. His come home just to dirty!

EM said...

No, you're not the last Tisha.
I'm still not sure about committing to making it. Are you making your own because it is that much more cost effective? How does it do in cold water? Do you have any tips for a home made stain remover? I'm just starting to get interested in home made cleaners that are better for us and cheaper.

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