Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, October 22, 2009

14 years and counting

~We count our first date anniversary because we're corny like that. So, happy anniversary Bobby! I had no idea you'd still be rockin my world all these years later. Back then, I would have thought you'd be too old to rock by now. You're the coolest guy I know and that's no joke. I am one lucky woman.

~A Walmart boycott began the day I discovered it was the devil's lair. I have not missed it ONE iota. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful is my world without Wolly world. And, I'm pretty sure in spite of that yellow smiley face who would make claims to the contrary, we're saving mucho dinero by staying far far away.

~Yes, yes. Of course. We are still pro adoption! Yes. No child should be raised in an orphanage.
Every child should have the love and care of a family.

~I do only wish someone had clued me into the fact that international adoption can often be as much about finding kids for parents as it is about finding parents for kids though. That was a distinction that was unclear to me and stumbling upon it has caused us to look deeply into our motives. There is a great deal of ethically gray area that should be closely considered, I believe. Next time, if we adopt again, we will be certain to ask better questions, be more clear about what we would like to avoid and what we firmly believe in. Because both exist in the broad term "adoption." In the mean time, we are developing a new passion for family preservation and advocacy.
The definition of an orphan is also much broader than I understood and I wasn't aware many, many of these kids had parents. It has been an eye opening experience.
I thought we would "sign up" do all the paperwork and have our pick from a book or a video of waiting kids. I had no knowledge there were throngs of waiting parents and throngs of waiting kids and they would not connect. I don't know how I missed it? I guess I was not nearly as informed as I should have been. I don't see many people talking about it. I should have dug deeper.

~ Beth Moore study was fantastic this morning. Family company coming over for spaghetti dinner tonight. German chocolate and key lime cheesecakes are made. Sauce is simmering in the crock pot. Most of our school work is done. Old school MJ tunes are crankin. (Thanks Chrissy!! The CDs are GREAT!!)

It is a good day in Deutschland.

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Holly said...

it's a good day to celebrate (ours was March 17, 12 years ago...just so you don't feel alone ;-)

today is also my parent's 32nd wedding anniversary!

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