Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Farm Fresh Goodness

Stopping first for lunch
Our field trip companions Sandy and her mother in law, Bhama, from India.
It's a pleasure spending time with them (and their amazing Indian cooking! They even brought me lunch and spared me the pb and honey sandwiches my kids were eating. How nice is that?)
I get to learn about Hinduism and the Indian culture from Bhama. I love it.
The crew
Getting on the tractor/trailer hay ride for some serious vegetable picking.

Well, apparently I stopped taking photos at the carrots. How about that?
We also picked beans, onions, cabbage, corn, and of course, pumpkins.
Putting out some fires . A little boy's work is never done.
Kettlecorn yumminess after our hard labor.
See? There was a pig there. Cutest one I'd ever seen.
Corn maze
Pumpkin pie made from scratch because we ended up with approximately 25 million little pumpkins. Yep, even the crust.
(That's why it looks like that)
Gone in one sitting, my family didn't mind the imperfect appearance. They oooed and ahhed just as if I was Betty Crocker herself. Oh how I love them. So much I may even make them another pie.


Tisha said...

We were out running errands for a few hours, when we got back I was excited to check my e mail and read lots and lots of endless compliments going on and on about my homemaking abilities for my FROM SCRATCH pie.
I can't believe y'all weren't super impressed with it. What? You make pumpkin pie without a can all the time? Pfft. Yeah, sure you do. Wink, wink.

Courtney said...

oh, i was impressed! seriously! i just didn't know what to say! and didn't even want the recipe because i have no desire to make it from scratch! muffins, bread...yes...but NO pies!

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