Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, October 05, 2009

Lord help us for we know not what we do

Our outdoor mouser mama cat whom we love gave birth this morning.
The sight of those kitties was something. My breath caught in my chest as I looked down at her babies lying there. They had no furry hair, only organs in the shape of a body with very thin skin. There were heads, faces, eyes, and teeny small formed paws. They were still, lifeless.

Who doesn't like a baby kitty? Scooping up their warm bodies to dispose of was no pleasure.

It made me think, if we could only see it with our eyes. The form of the body, the parts, the eyes, the emerging heads, the arms and legs if they've begun to develop, perhaps it would make it a great deal more challenging, more heart wrenching, even unfathomable to take their tiny lives away....our precious babies.

If we could observe in human terms and reality what I saw today in kittens, if it wasn't simply some abstract concept of a blob of cells and matter, maybe we would not be able to stomach the notion of what we do, what we accept as a choice, what we offer as medical care in our society.
If we were able to hold those lifeless little ones in our own 2 hands before they were thrown in black plastic bags, if we had to observe them dismembered with our own 2 eyes, we probably would never want to even consider such a thing an option. It might even make us all very sick. We may not be able to wipe from our minds the image.
It would almost positively appear horrible, tragic, cruel. We would likely shed tears if we placed infants' bodies in the trash, we may think about who they might have become, run home to hug our children. Certainly we would. Even lesser things make us cry.
It is doubtful we would ever again think of choice in the same way.

God turn the hearts of the mothers and fathers toward their children, both those that are born, and those that have yet to be. Help us realize what we do so that we may say no more. No more.


Lindy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! What a horrible situation, and yet such an amazing reminder that life is life no matter born or unborn.

Holly said...

and yes!!!! all at the same time

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