Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Second Thought...

Our Ethiopian daughter's name means "one who is blessed." Our son's, "trusted." Lovely meanings, aren't they? I'm having the hardest time calling them by the names we selected. We are really debating changing them now. The hard part, is not knowing what they would want, and having to make a decision for the birth certificates/ss cards. Would they prefer names that are easier to pronounce and spell? Ugh. These choices are terribly challenging. We may use Flint as a middle name with the boy's name first, then let him decide what he would like to be called. The girl's name is tougher as her Et name sounds a lot like the name we liked for her, so using her name with our name would sound pretty silly. Decisions, decisions....
A rare treat, the great grandparents came over for dinner the other night.
They wouldn't usually drive this far to the boonies, but uncle Carter was here, so he could chauffeur. We had a nice meal and the kids enjoyed our guests.
A mama's girl who rarely reacts warmly to people, dolly couldn't get enough of big grandpa. It was sweet.
Onyx displaying his fine reading skills to prove that yes, we really do school at home :)
Which, by the way, is going extremely well. It seems we've found our rhythm for this year, and the kids are progressing nicely. They are learning a lot, responding to me well, attitudes are good. Couldn't ask for more! It is not uncommon for our van to remain parked from Sunday night after Awanas, until Friday morning for enrichment classes, and I love that. We are busy at home working hard, sleeping as much as we need, making homemade food, enjoying family time (rather than homework!) in the evenings.
I am grateful for this time with them. Hands down, this is one of my life's greatest privileges.
I have been wanting an apron but have not gotten around to purchasing one.
Lucky me, I found one here and felt great about buying it. Can't beat that.


Cassie said...

hee hee!
i am packaging your purchases AS WE SPEAK!
you should receive it this week.
and ps...i bought one of those apron's too! i LOVE them!

HMK said...

It actually doesn't take long for people to figure out how to spell and speak an ET name... once they hear it once or twice, they're golden. Those ARE beautiful meanings.... you do have time to decide though; all the paperwork in ET (including their passport) will say "ET first name, your husband's first name, your last name" You can put down the name you want for them on your paperwork to file for the b.C. once you are home and have decided. Once they are here and their names are spoken aloud over and over again (if you keep the ET names) they become so normal and natural sounding.. everyone gets used to it and they really don't even sound foreign anymore. Bereket just sounds so typical, even though it's not! Funny.

Holly said...

well now, that was just a fun post!

Courtney said...

loved post!
those are big decisions.
but i'm sure you'll figure out what is best for them.
and i'm jealous of your week...not driving for days...

Lindy said...

Where did you find out the meanings of their names? We've been wondering and are strongly considering keeping her ET name as her first name. The more I say it, the lovelier it gets! Do you have a book that has meanings? Website? Fill me in, please!

Tisha said...

We learned of their name's meanings from the assessments we received about the kids (the ones that took 3 months while we were waiting to find out if we could adopt the boy :) Their first language is not Ahmaric, it is Kembategna.

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