Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Stick it! Or Don't!

Golly Gee. (Do you like that? I kind of do because it's better than saying words I really shouldn't. Or sometimes I use by golly by Joe. My kids think that's hilarious. They're easily entertained.)

Anyhoo, It's everywhere I click in cyberland these days.
People informing other people they must not get vaccinated. It's practically child abuse to stick those needles in your kid's arms!
People informing other people they must get vaccinated. It's practically child abuse to not stick those needles in your kid's arms!

Going to a real working farm tomorrow for a field trip.
Hope they don't have pigs there. They started all this you know.... In other, less fluish news, we finished our acceptance paperwork (can I get a hallelujah? Amen girl, tru dat) for our 2 beloveds and now we await news of a court date in Ethiopia, where a POA will appear on our behalf. If we pass court, it will be not long before we travel.

I can hardly write about my emotions regarding this because I am terribly conflicted and will probably flood my keyboard with tears that fall profusely while I do the big ugly cry and it won't work any more and sparks may fly because it shouldn't get so wet, and well, you know, that wouldn't be stellar. So, I'll keep them bottled up and hyperventilate into my paper sack. My face is less blotchy that way.


Courtney said...

hallelujah! on finishing your paperwork!!!

Holly said...


(trying to find something witty to say about the vacc. ;-), I got nothin', but it is a passionate subject, no?.....we don't vaccinate until everyone is older, you should see the looks we get ;-)

HMK said...

I'm so excited for you that you have finished your acceptance paperwork! Did you put together photo albums for your new additions yet? The other Colorado family on the boards go their referral not long ago too, so if things work out, you guys may be traveling together! :)

The whole vaccination thing is confusing, isn't it? Just wait until you have to make certain decisions about disclosure of certain things and the school wants to know WHY we aren't vaccinating Bereket for HepB and we have to sign a waiver form made by the great STATE stating our reasons. Ha. Life is fun. :) I shook my fist at the form and just wrote "personal reasons". Let's see if they like that.

Lindy said...

Go ahead and have a good cry--we all need them now and then. Just move away from the keyboard, because my husband isn't available to come and fix your computer this weekend! ;) I must say, we're not anywhere close to traveling, and I'm already pretty nervous about it. I mean really--22 hours in a plane with a baby we don't know?? It'll be hard enough just entertaining Kent for that many hours! :) But oh, am I ready to hold that little girl in my arms!

I don't have any serious feelings one way or another about vaccinations. It seems too close to a political debate, and you know how I feel about those. I'm going back into my hole here at home with the comment "no opinion" written on my door. Life is just too short to get all worked up over something that everyone has a different opinion of. I like life in my little safe haven.

Stephanie Headley said...

Hallelujah! Amen girl! Tru dat!! I'm so EXCITED for you! Can't wait to hear of your travel news! AND, most of all to "meet" your new little beloveds! Prayers for a great outcome for the court date....and quick to travel! God bless you guys!

Katy said...

Yea! Tisha! I can only imagine the range of emotions you are feeling right now. But don't you know that this is going to be GREAT. Great for your family, great for these kiddos. Your little hearts and your little (big) family will grow in so many awesome ways. Just try to surf those waves for now. It's going to be fine; you'll see.

Katy said...

No real comment on the vaccination thing- way too personal! But on a bizaar note, my kids have been vaccinated for almost everything and now the nurse sent us a letter that the boys need their 2nd Hep B shots. Both Ric and I said - "That's enough!!" This population does not even need a Hep B in the first place!! When does the insanity end! For some reason, it just put us over the edge... so we'll see what happens when the vaccination doesn't happen. (!)

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