Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Um, no. I don't think I'll miss this part at all.

The man of the house and I were sitting side by side at our desk much too late last night as we were drinking gallons of coffee and filling out more ridiculously repetitive forms stating all the same things we've already said millions of times by now in this adoption process.
I was tired and belly aching because do they try to make government forms confusing on purpose? I'm pretty sure it's a conspiracy. By someone who thinks perplexing the innocent population with massive, complex forms is wickedly funny.

Bobby: "Why do they need 1040? Isn't that kind of a lot?"

Still making me laugh today. That's just funny to me.
There's no one on earth I'd rather do wretched mounds of paperwork with than him.
Many years from now, that's what I'd like to remember about this time of our lives that my honey and I spent together, along with piles and piles of poor slaughtered trees.

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