Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It doesn't come cheap

Avoiding yellow fever and meningitis and typhoid and polio and tetanus and, and, and.....

$1106 later we left the travel clinic, shot up, overprotected and headed straight for home, a.k.a. The Poor House.

Last shots of Hep A and B vaccines + copays given at our doctor's office tomorrow should round us up to an even $1200 or so.

Interesting tidbit: Boulder CO is seeing an outbreak of the whopping cough. According to our passport travel expert nurse, once under 80% of the population is vaccinated, we may begin to see reemergence of illness that has been nearly nonexistent here for decades. With fewer parents vaccinating their children, the overall percentages of vaccinated people are dropping, therefore, "unusual" sicknesses are increasing in certain areas. If little ones start dying of say, polio, again like they once did, we may see trends swing back toward vaccinations.
Did that make sense? I feel like that made no sense. My brain is a little foggy. I rarely sleep these days....another story.....

Just shared that to get you who are passionately
a) for vaccines
b) against vaccines
all riled up :)

Thanks for peeking at the Ethiopian Deutschlets. Aren't they cute?

So much to say, so little time to sit down and process thoughts in written word, so I suppose I will continue to simmer....
Happy Vetrans Day.


Stephanie Headley said...

Health care can get pricey can't it? It's crazy how you go some months not spending anything, and then all of a sudden you drop a few hundred dollars in a matter of weeks! Of course your situation is a bit different! But all worth it in the end when you have those beautiful kiddos in your arms! Praying for you always! God bless you and your family!

Kim said...

Oh I am so thankful to now have their little faces to picture as I pray for them.

So worth all the expences, I know you know that. :)

Alicia said...

Texas has had the whooping cough prob for a year or so. There is a campaign for adults to get their boosters....must be spreading! If my mom can't find my shot records, I will have to get a bunch of shots for nursing school....yipee!!

Katy said...

Very interesting how when one is a parent of perfectly healthy children, it's a little *easy* to say 'not my children, I won't vaccinate. These diseases are eradicated anyway.' It's easy to forget all the little ones, the elderly ones, the immuno-compromised ones who are also now not protected because of decreasing vaccinations. (I'm not afraid to rile;) I don't like all the vaccines either, seems like total overkill. Until I realize that by immunizing all of a population, the real point is to protect the weakest among us who cannot be vaccinated.)

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