Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

Family folk
Grandpa (Bob's dad) and dolly
Bobby and big grandmaInfamous kids' table, every family has one, right?Random photo Kids singing for us with grandpa on the guitar, Bimbo and Angels Among us. Adorable little songbirds, if I do say so myself. And I do, say so. She helps big grandpa walk.What would he do without her?Reading specs. She's a smart one alright. Game playing.Friday, the big man of the house and I took turns going on a date to the movies with a couple of the youngens. He took Jayla and I took Onyx. No, we didn't see The Blind Side. It's PG 13! These kids are 8 and 6. So I have NO reason to say it was great and I enjoyed it a lot and I'm oh so happy it's giving New Moon a run for the $$money$$. Obviusly, we saw something....else. Spontaneously, Saturday I thought it would be fun to go to the Zoo. The bald guy agreed. I began packing lunches, etc. He came in from outside a few minutes later and said, "let's go to Fort Collins for the night." Um.....okay ☺He went to CSU there and still craves the hot wings at a local joint. (They're goo-oood. Spicey enough to make his head sweat. Funny to see. Sorry sugar, Oversharing?) I looked online for a hotel. Hampton Inn has the mega-room with 2 queens and a pull-out couch, but they were booked. For a remarkable price, they could get us an Embassy Suites room. Um....okay. Also a supersized room, it was Mega Niiiiiiiice. 2 tvs! Um....okay.

Here is me, saying to myself, "mama like."
Away from home, where Spongebob lives, in Cableland. They are hooked. This way: Poolward bound. Onyx had a whale of a good time.
We told Stryder that was a cool, superhero suit. He bought it, but insisted on his swim shorts underneath. Whatever. An inflatable 3 year old boy is a comforting thing. Mama like.
Dolphins are so gentle!
Sitting out for a few minutes because she was running by the pool, Jayla is clearly unphased by her consequence. The great white shark sneaking up didn't bother her either.
In front of a real life-size Gingerbread house. Home again, home again just in time for Awanas last night where the kids did Christmas shopping with their points and carefully chose tons of most excellent dollar store gifts to proudly present to friends and loved ones. Awww.
School today has gone quite well so far. I'm glad because we've got a lot of work to do this month before we travel and may take a little time off. Onyx has joined Jayla in second grade. It's just easier that way and he is more than capable.

Hey, I bought a camera! It's a ________________. Will arrive soon. Thanks for your help!

No news yet on the court date. Goodness gracious sakes. Isn't that something? Will let you know the moment I find out!


Courtney said...

wow! what a FUN time!!!

Sandy said...

Now that was a fun filled Thanksgiving break! And, yes we all do have the "kids table" however, it usually contains kids from more than one family. :) J/K, I did notice that at least one other child was sitting nicely alongside your crew.

Holly said...

yes, very very fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Was it the hot wings or you that makes me sweat?


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