Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Quiver,

Be filled already!
5 is several. Why are you not content, satisfied, comfortable?
These baby-from-my-belly pangs are killing me....slowly, slowly, slowly.
I thought they would be long gone by now. Unfortunately, not.
Been working on my blog book. I'm so far behind it brings back many memories of days gone by. Sweet, sweet time. It passes so quickly.
Apparently I need a mob at home. Because when there are only 2, I lose all illusion of structure. Boys went with grandpa to finish up a Christmas project they began last week. Girls stayed here. Ice cream for lunch? Sure. Chips and pickles for dessert? Why not. Don't feel like napping? Fine. Think you should pull all the clothes out of your closet and dress up? Great idea. 2 baths within 3 hours? Okey dokie.
Food fight? Have at it.
Want to cut your own hair? Here are some scissors.

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