Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, December 18, 2009

This is the picture we selected. I feel like I should say, Merry Christmas from our family to yours or something like that now....
And best wishses for a Happy New Year!

Yesterday: cereal, clementines, pears, bagels w/ cr cheese, cookies, cookies, cookies (we made sugar cookies with cutters and ate, and ate, and ate. Why didn't I take pictures? Was it because everyone was stripping their shirts off due to the flour explosion we affectionately refer to as baking taking place in the kitchen? I dunno....anyway, no pics) leftover pasta for dinner, apples, more cookies, hot chocolate.
Feeling heavy today. Because of course, I had to dunk some cookies in my coffee already this morning.

Christmas play tonight and Sunday morning at church. I am crazy excited to see J & O do their parts. J is Mary. O has a solo. Yes, he inherited my fine singing abilities! It's going to be great.


Katy said...

Love the photo. What a beautiful family there. Are they all yours? Wow, you must have your hands full. ;) J/k they are all so cute all in a row.

And yes, we're heavier over here too. This month really gets me- everywhere I show up there's cookies and sweets.. yes, me too, EVEN in my coffee in the morning. I wish these people would stop giving me cookies when I get up in the morning!

Holly said...

love that picture!

and merry christmas to you too!!!

Lindy said...

Great looking bunch. Glad to have you on my refrigerator. :)

Amy© said...

What an incredibly beautiful family! ♥

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