Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, December 20, 2009


gumdrops - 2 bags (for Clover's bd cake)
cherry pie filling - 2 cans
coconut oil - 2 jars (for Meadow's hair)
chapstick - 3 sticks
oscillococcinum - 1 box
facial bronzer

If I count this "household stuff" I am down to $115 left until Jan 8.
We decided we would like to make fondue a New Year's tradition. Wowzers. Maybe some swiss cheese will have to be bought with the kid's allowance. ☻ Fondue isn't the most wallet friendly meal.
Since we eat out practically N E V E R, I should probably just let myself buy some cheese.
If you were thinking of giving me a Christmas present, cheese please ☺

Last month, I spent $800 on food and household items. Obviously, much of what we are eating has come from that. Normally, I would have spent another $800 this month. And so on....
So, I still see spending $300 this month as saving at least $500.

Clearly, we can not eat exclusively on what I have recently purchased at the store. Not without radically altering our diet to include spoonfuls of flour washed down with soy sauce.

I am enjoying this experiment very much though. It's good to scale back and think about every, single dollar. I believe when we return to a more normal budget, (I will try next month for $500. Don't worry, I will not record it!) it will feel absolutely generous.
Our travel to Et is going to be costly. This is the only way I can figure to drum up some cash with my limited time and abilities. (No crafts to sell here. Not ever. Never. No skills. If I made you something *nice* you may pay me to keep it out of your sight. Now there's an idea.....)
The play Friday night was as I suspected it would be: sweet ♥
Onyx got quite sick Saturday with a very sore throat and fever.

This morning Bobby took the girls to the play and I took the boys to the emergency-care place to have O checked for strep. Negative. The good Dr. did say that his tonsils looked "gnarly" so he gave him antibiotics anyway.
Needless to say, O missed his second performance.
Little bummer boy.
B: french toast, oj, apples,
L: tortillas with hummus and carrots
Sn: pineapple
D: banana bread, scrambled eggs, rest of the pineapple, coffee
Dessert: Cherry coffee cake


Holly said...

do you make your own hummus???

or do you Costco it?

just curious...Hummus here is way expensive, we are very far from a Costco and my girls would eat Hummus for every meal if I gave it to them.

waiting on a part to my blender (that I burnt up over these snow days!!)
when that comes, I have two cans ($.25 each) of Chickpeas that I'm experimenting with...

what do you do?

Lindy said...

We SO missed Onyx this morning! His sweet little voice was definitely absent. I hope he feels better quicly.

Good job on your budget! Sounds like you're doing well and seeing your kids, no one appears to be starving! :)

You have a birthday coming up, too. Swiss cheese? Really? Hmmm...there's a gift I've never given!

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