Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Memory card fits right into replacement camera, pictures saved. Yessssss!
However, I can no longer convince you Clover's birthday cake was absolutely uh-mazing. Now, you'll know better ☺ Here it is in all its glorious splendor. (((Tada))) Impressive, I know!
[Um, that's a BROOM by the way.]

Birthday dinner on the special red plate. How old are you Dolly? 8? Wow. No, she wasn't crying about the cake! It was her family's (exceptional) vocal rendition of ♫Happy Birthday to You♪ that was deeply distressing to her. Yeah, really. A bunch of American Idol shoe-ins fill this house with melodic delight. Whew, singing over. That's better. (Yes! A broom!)The dad with a partial head and 3 of his amigos.

Trying out the gift. Happy birthday Clover True! I love you with big, big love girlie. You are sunshine on a cloudy day. My heart fills and oozes and spills sweet dolly love. I don't have enough words to properly tell you how special you are to us, our little lady. I'm just so glad you were born. You are a treasured gift. Thank you for coming into our lives and bringing such tender surprise.

There is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you. Ever. ♥


Sandy said...

What was that purple and brown thing on his belly? Otherwise, an exceptional piece of artwork.

Tisha said...

Haha Sandy. I'm guessing your remark was based in pure jealousy for my UH-MAZING cake decorating skills? It's okay, you're not alone ☺

EM said...

cute cake, cute kid. Nice party. You're a great mommy.

Anonymous said...


You are a TRUE joy in my life as well! I'm sad you're two, but that means I have had two wonderful years of time with you. You are great, and so is your Mommy. Much love to you,


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