Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Home today

Keeping small, ill children away from church.

Change in plans - kids are now staying with grandparents - girls with grandpa and nana, boys with grandma JJ. They will work together to help each other out and gives breaks, and grandpa will get the kids to their activities (awanas, basketball practice, and basketball games). Isn't that nice? I hope they maintain sanity ☺ I think it will be just fine and dandy. JOTSC are perfect little angels, each and every one. (Yep, all the time!)

Masso's birthday is Feb. 17! We get to spend it in Et with her, one day after she is officially declared "ours" at our Embassy appointment. She is turing 5. However she is only one inch shorter than Onyx who will be 7 in March. Hmm. We are short. And she is tall. Or she is 6 ☺


HMK said...

Or 7... or 8.... ;) or the measurements are off. Most ET kids have stunted growth making them shorter (and passing for younger) than they actually are.

I was home with a sick kiddo today too...

Anonymous said...

How nice! Brandon's first day with us was the day after his 4th birthday. We had a party and were so excited to have him with us!
I am actually feeling butterflies for you! With Brandon everything went so quick. We finished our home study and in two weeks they gave us a call. We met him on Monday and brought him home on Wed. Nine months later he was mine! Cherish getting to know them both. (I know you will) Be ready for some sleepless nights. It is hard to go to a new home and not have bad dreams. And most of all pour on the love! (which you will have no problem doing)

I hope and pray that everything will go smoothly and every one will adjust happily and easily!


Chris said...

What a great birthday gift to give her!! So glad you get to spend it together. Make everyday a celebration.

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