Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They call him Samson

At the orphanage. His nannies apparently adore the boy and have nicknamed him Samson. Such a great name. Don't you love his story in the Bible? What a tough guy. One of my favorites for several reasons.

Our friends have recently come home with their 2 1/2 little girl, and they say she knows her name very well. Come to think of it, our baby just turned 2 and she already says "Dawey" when you ask her to tell you her name. She knows too. Her name is Dolly!

We have decided we don't want to take their names from them. He goes by Samson, his name will be Samson. She goes by Masso, her name will be Masso. I go by Tisha, and whatdoyouknow, my name is Tisha! And so on.....
Have you read this? (Oh okay, I'll tell you what it is because I'm not fond of clicking here, there and everywhere to follow what someone is trying to say in a blog post.) Terrify No More by Gary Haugen. Goodness. I would like to quote the entire thing, but that would take a long time and require a great deal of typing on my part. There are children screaming behind me as I write even this, so clearly I have no time to recount the contents of this amazing, haunting, convicting book. I should probably attend to the raucous crew tearing down the house. Anyway, it's poignant. Wow. What a book. If you can stomach it, you should read it. I bet you already have.


Courtney said...

love that you're keeping their names. love that you're willing to change your mind! not many people are willing to do that. shows a lot of maturity!

and i haven't heard of that book! thanks for the recommendation!

Monica said...

Naming your child is such a great thing. I remember trying to come up with names for the girls. I wanted to be the one to pick them out. I was their mother right. For some reason I even like telling the girls how it is I came up with their names and why.
Then came Darius. His birth mom is not a Christian and when we were discussing what we would name him she turned her nose to names that were biblical. Long story short after changing her mind about us keeping him she named him Darius. I did not even know for 5 weeks when we went to pick him up. Darius huh? Little did she know that it was a biblical name. We were not sure if we would change it or not and in the end decided God had named him not her.
Then came Cynthia. I was not even sure I liked that name. I prayed for a long time when I felt a real tug from God saying "you get to raise both of these kids and teach them all about me the one thing in the end that she game them was their name."
I decided that I would honor her. I would keep the names that were given to them. I think in the end that I made the right choice. She could have aborted them but didn't.
With that said Darius and Cynthia are our children's names.
Just wanted you to know it was a struggle for me too. :)

Holly said...

love the names!
love more that you have peace about it!

Lindy said...

Love, love, love Sampson!! So sweet--seems to fit his little face. And Masso. It's fitting. It's perfect. They will appreciate you for it as well! Can't wait to meet their little faces.

Stephanie Headley said...

I knew you would make a great decision about the names! I like Samson! And Masso...beautiful! I'm so excited to see pictures from your "trip" or "birth"....after 13 months of waiting! WOW!! You sure look great for 13 mos pregnant!! Enjoy those babies!! AND safe travels!

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