Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Today (because I can not think of a more clever title)

S counting out beans
O & T Imaginext-ing
The sick one. Strangely, still well enough to shout out correction aimed toward her brothers from her perch on the couch....
I have a table desk in my room now with a cute little storage dresser beside it that I'm way happy about. Wanna see? Our office/desk/computer area is right off our kitchen, ((open)) to the whole world. How many papers have I lost due to sticky little fingers on the hands of curious young people who simply do not appreciate the importance of items that are MY BUSINESS? I need a safe place for MY THINGS. Because, I HAVE SOME THINGS, that are, you know, MINE.
Inevitably, when a new piece of furniture is brought into the room, the entire space needs a complete overhaul, because nothing is good enough anymore. Which then leads to a whole house rennovation, which leads to my honey-do handyman husband feeling overwhelming warm and fuzzy fondness and affection in his heart for his beloved wife.
The bed is now in front of the windows. Wacky, eh? I ♥ it!! Had seen this concept before in magazines, but thought it too weird for real life. Until I decided we were just weird enough to try it.
Reality check. The room looked neat and tidy, didn't it? Here is the messy dresser that is accumulating all our travel to Africa items, with my drying rack beside it. Glad my unmentionables were not hanging there. I know. You are too.

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