Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, February 01, 2010

One thing leads to another

1. Plane ticket emergency.

Led to

2. No lack of wailing and nashing of the teeth (on my part).

Which led to

3. A sore ear from too many phone calls with too many people who could not help.

Which led to

4. Ignored children.

Which led to

5. A morning of eating/doing whatever they want for 4 consecutive hours.

Which led to

6. Their immense joy and satisfaction with the way the day was progressing.

Which (finally....eventually) led to

7. New plane tickets.

Which led to

8. A reduction in price!

Which led to

9. A great big stomping, jumping, clapping, spinning happy dance (on my part).

Which led to

10. The kids staring at me, scratching their heads with bewildered expressions, wondering how their mother can go from THAT (see #2) to THIS (see #9) in no time flat.

They clearly still have a lot to learn about the emotional rollercoaster women who are 13 months pregnant with 2 unrelated preschoolers tend to ride.
We are not taking a laptop. Because, uh, we don't own one. And, blogger is apparently blocked in Ethiopia. So, Mrs. Natarajan (aka Sandy, aka the ONE who makes the FOOD that I LOVE and eat way too much of every single chance I get) will kindly take my e mails sent to her on my itouch and blog updates at Deutschland.

So you know, she has strict instructions to politely, brilliantly, fluffily, gloss over any and all bad, negative, or unattractive admissions that may portray me in a less than absolutely splendid light. Rather, she will paint an artistically rosy, pristine picture of our entire experience, highlighting my exceptional ability to travel internationally like a pro, taking each new experience in effortless stride, and seamlessly welcome beloved newly adopted blessings into our nearly perfect family. ☺


HMK said...

Glad things are worked out! Actually, you CAN post to blogger while in Ethiopia... i've posted instructions on the Bethany EThiopia discussion board under the travel tips thread (a sticky at the top of the forum). It's actually quite easy; you just send it to your email and it automatically posts to your blog once you set it up. Do a practice run before you go. :) Happy Blogging!

Courtney said...

glad it all worked out! :-)

Anonymous said...

My appreciation to you! Good Job!!



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