Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This morning at 5:00 Onyx and Tyden came into my room and said there was poo all over the bathroom. Turned out it wasn't only spread around the bathroom but also on the bed, sheets, and clothing of the culprit. By the time it was discovered it was dried on and very challenging to clean off the bathroom, bedroom and the child.

Why on earth didn't he come get me when it happened? I could have easily changed a pull up. But this? Again? This is horrible.

Bobby had worked late again yesterday evening returning home at 10:00 pm. After a long weekend of working, a long Monday was not part of my plan.
Clover had a crying spell around midnight. I ended up bringing her to bed with us, to take her back to hers a half hour later due to kicking.
I've had such trouble sleeping myself.

Do I even need to say I didn't handle Poogate well? Because, gosh. I really didn't. I'm pretty sure I was making strange guttural sounds and sobbing as I was scrubbing with bleach, coughing, gagged by the smell. Feeling generally overwhelmed about an assortment of issues, this was not good timing.

But that's not the story that is worth telling.

This morning, the kids and I talked about the situation. I was guilt stricken for not responding better. We discussed it a bit.

Then to my surprise, they continued on with the morning, cracking jokes at the breakfast table, laughing out loud at each other, forgiving easily, loving purely, having a grand time, as usual. I don't know what I expected. Them to berate me the way I was berating myself? Me needing to earn their forgiveness the way I sometimes make others earn mine?

I am so humbled by their love for me. In spite of my many downfalls and difficulties.

They aren't holding a grudge, at all. Not against me, not against the boy. They just make it so simple. Moving on. They do it well. Beautifully. They don't get bogged down and stuck in a negative rut. They don't ruminate. They exemplify grace, unmerited favor. A lesson I believe we as adults can learn from the example of our young ones.

Isaiah 11:6 ....and a little child will lead them.

Thank you to my babies. You teach me every day. God bless you. I love you.


Anastasia said...

Ahh, so true. My little men and little lady teach me the things of God everyday. Sometimes I wonder that they do the better job than mom!
See you soon my friend.

Alyssa said...

When Chad and I have kids, I will be coming back to these kinds of blogs for inspiration as to grace and patience. You're teaching me so much about being a mom already. :)

hsmom24boys said...

I am constantly reminded of the power of forgivness from my little guys, they are so good at loving, unconditionally!!
Sorry about the poo...

Courtney said...

oh yes.
if only we all forgave that way.
such a great example! sorry you had to live through it...

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