Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good news: Our roof is totalled and insurance will replace it (minus the deductible). We plan to get a steel roof next. What will we do for entertainment during wind storms if not gazing outside at the shingles flying about?! 1 single, 2 shingles, 3 shingles, a whole strip of singles....
♫Bye, bye, roof. Bye bye shelter. Hello rain inside. I see my shingles fly. Bye bye my shingles goodbye♫

Steel roof, I think I'm going to ♥ you!

Bad news: The Man's birthday celebration went to pot. After his favorite dinner (tacos) and dessert (german chocolate cheesecake) and hand made gift opening (see below) he spent the rest of the evening pulling a half eaten apple from the commode. The snake pluming tool thing wouldn't do the trick so the whole bowl had to be removed then placed again and sealed.

Good news: The Man didn't seem to mind latrine maintenance as a way to celebrate 36 years on this earth! Just another day in paradise ☺

Guess who plunged the fruit? It was a very, very cute boy who is passionate about the pursuit of Power Ranger dreams for his bright, heroic, exciting future playing an instrumental role in ridding the world of evil while dressed in colorful costume....complete with cool sound effects. With a name like Stryder he is assuredly destined for superhero greatness.

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