Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I love missing him

♦my husband. Missing him is some of the best marriage therapy ever. I like that guy. I don't need him to be here. I can do it alone. But I want him here. And that's crazy nice. We're gonna grow old together. I just know it.

♦Kids are kind of lunatics today. Screaming at this very moment. Probably hurling sharp objects at each other for recreational bliss and inner satisfaction. Why? Why? Why? I think it has something to do with the testosterone levels and fresh mowhawks that bring out the manly in them.

♦If I were to write a book, it would be called
What Every Adoptive Parent Should Know: Things They Won't Tell You
Has a ring to it, eh? I bet *They* will like it! Pretty presumptive. I know. But it seems like all the catchy titles are bossy that way. (((This is what EVERY parent needs! I know because I know everything as the smartest person ever!))) I've got about a gazillion chapters floating around in my mind never to see the light of paper. They'll just rattle around clogging up otherwise perfectly usable parts of my brain like static, white noise. Yes, our kids are doing well. And yes, I am glad we did it. Yet, there is a land of plenty that was utterly unrevealed. I long to say it all. Outloud. Maybe I'll blog it bit by bit.....

♦Someone mentioned their spiritual gift today and it cause me to think. Do I know mine? Do I have one? If so, am I using it? Do I have time to use it? Is it self indulgent to be concerned about finding it? Neglectful to not? Do you know yours? Does everyone know theirs?

♦Speaking of gifts, I have a new one in my life. Her name is Alyssa and she is 18 and has a beautiful singing voice. (She is Married! Awesome :) Sidenote - I am ALL FOR young marriage if God has given you a suitable spouse and will tell my kids it's not as much about the age in which you marry, as it's about the person you select for holy matrimony. Choose wisely my dears. Choose wisely.) We hire her to take care of the kids for a few hours every other week. This is new for us as we scraped every nickel and dime we had together for so long in preparation for adoption. Now, we give her our nickels and dimes while we go out and spend our pennies twice a month and I am so grateful to have found someone capable and willing and flexible and excellent with children. The kids adore her and she DRIVES here!! When you live in Boonesville with more than a hand full of progeny, babysitting presents a set of unique transportation challenges. She drives. Oh, she drives. Did I mention she drives? I ♥ Alyssa. And her car.


Cassie said...

anda i love your blog posts...
glada you miss him.

Holly said...

me too.

I'm wicked jealous of your "Alyssa" right now!!!

Alyssa said...

Alyssa loves that she is in a blog! Woohoo!! All I can say is you're so welcome. I'm just blessed to have ya'll in my life. I love those kiddos and watching them might be more of a joy for me than it is for them!! ;)

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