Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, May 24, 2010

In like a lion

May in Colorado is not good this year. Snowed several times in the beginning of the month. Today (again), ferocious, severe, damaging winds pelting everything. It's roaring, banging. Loudly. Even inside. Literally ruining the roof, tearing it off. Saturday was the same. It's really discombobulating (that's a good word, right? You like it?). Can't even get the garden planted. Stuck indoors. Might as well be blizzarding. Bobby was on call and worked most of the weekend. I've developed a fabulous case of insomnia. Lie awake in bed for several hours before falling into a restless sleep. Meadow is ill with what I think is an ear infection.
Renaming myself Mrs. Cranky Pants. I believe it's quite fitting. You can call me Crank for short. Or Mrs. Pants if you're youthful and polite.
Oh to be young and able to snooze peacefully.
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Lindy said...

So sorry you're cranky. I think this wind would do it to just about anyone. I just sent my kids out to play anyway. Hopefully, they won't get hit in the heads by a couch or something. :)

My children will be referring to you tomorrow as Mrs. Pants. They're nothing, if not polite.

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