Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More than you ever wanted to know

I always like it when someone gives a sneak peak into their lives or offers various types of information about themselves that would remain otherwise unknown.

Here are my random thoughts and ramblings and oversharings for this day.

1) Kids aren't that expensive. Food, yes, sure. But there is incredible flexibility with frugal and healthful eating. Medical needs if required, yes, they can be costly. Clothing and toys and gadgets and electronics, no. Thrift stores and hand me downs are a beautiful thing. Being dressed to the nines is way overrated and children will continue to draw breath without an iPod, wii, or Nintendo DS. Really, they will. I'd venture to say we spend far less on our 7 than many people do on their 2.

2) When I dream 'big' it is of downsizing into a tiny house that would free up a lot of money to do much more useful things for many more people. Urban ministry folks who set up shop and dwell among ((the people)) have my utmost respect and admiration. (While we were in CA, my friend had to tell me it isn't always wise to stop and chat with ((the people)) on the street because I would.) When we drive by enormous sprawling estates, I tend to mutter things like "Stucco Monstrosities" under my breath. Even modest mansions sorta make my skin crawl.

3) Clutter makes me hyperventilate and I purge, purge, purge to clear out, clean up, and endeavor to live happily with as little as possible. It's a constant quest that drives my family crazy with a capital C. Still, as hard as I work at it, with 9 of us the junk seems to move in rather quickly and fill most of the empty spaces.

4) For children's education, I subscribe to the Better Late than Early philosophy. Let the learning milestones come as they are developmentally primed for it, when it is fun and exciting and not pushed so hard you become enemies during the course of their home academic career when you are supposed to be spending time together bonding and building relationships and growing in character. Let children be children. They are naturally inquisitive and will learn much in a rich environment full of activity and opportunity. If slight nudges and guidance will get the job done, it's much more peaceful than the heavy hand of a task master.

5) If our daughters (and sons) elope, great! We can celebrate with a big party afterward. I never dreamed of the fairytale wedding and honestly always wished we had gone to Vegas. Our wedding had to be one of the lamest events in history. Seriously. If they want the Great American Wedding, fine. I'll support either decision but please Lord, don't let them be a Bridezilla. Oh my. Those gals are too much. I saw them once on TLC in a hotel room with cable. Eeek. Scary.

6) I have a low social need and can spend a week at home without batting an eye. I enjoy hanging with the girls, but don't feel compelled to very often. When I am with friends, or even strangers, I am talkative and easy to hold a conversation with. But I am rarely the one to initiate a social gathering. If I invite you to hang out, I really like you :)

7) I usually feel like an outsider - left of center - like I don't really "fit in" anywhere. Maybe it's just my perception. I don't meet many people with a similar life! And if I do, they usually don't have similar thoughts about their similar life! Usually it doesn't bother me. Sometimes it does. Mostly I intensely crave freedom. I try to make it a habit to not try to impress people. The older I get, the easier that is.

8) I did not finish college. Yes, I am a degree-less drop out.

9) My husband is working late (again) and apparently that leaves me large quantities of time for self reflection and the relaying of useless information.


Deanna said...

We have some more things in common! I, also, don't fit in anywhere. I'm much younger than my counterparts with three kids. And most people my age don't have kids, or aren't even married. But we do have a core group of friends, mostly who are older than me, and that's ok. My husband is 5 years older than me!

Also, I am degree-less! YAY for us :)

EM said...

You are to cool! Why can't we be neighbors? I'm pretty sure you'd invite me over :) Love your random thoughts.

Alyssa said...

I think you're perhaps my long-lost twin. Does that mean I will have 7 kids??? :)

I LOVE finding out that nitty-gritty stuff about people. I love seeing what people's bedrooms look like, what they were like in high school, what their deepest fears are...why they do the things they do. It's all so fascinating to me. I think I'd like to study people...think they can turn that into a life-long career??

Tisha said...

Alyssa, I predict you will have at least 7 kids. Maybe 17.

Tisha said...

We have several acres here. Come on over Erin, we can be neighbors! I'll watch your little ones so you can nap. My children are quite entertaining and will pamper Dade and Matia.

Anastasia said...

So, Mrs Tisha, since we are coming over tonight we must be "liked"! I have to tell you I woke up this morning super excited about going to Deutschland! AND as I was reading your list, I thought, there's me with 7 children! (Nathan's not quite on board with 3 more children yet, but hey, that can't stop me from dreaming!) See you soon. Love ya Tisha Deutsch. (I just like saying your last name:))

Renee Ostrom Hart said...

I love what you said but we are completely opposite. That's probably why I enjoy reading your blog. Peace, Love and Prayers to you and your family. Nay ( Renee) Yohanna's Grandma

Chris Noelle said...

I wouldn't call your wedding LAME...we were just in the wrong were still a pretty bride. I want my kids to elope to Hawaii. :)

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