Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Last summer

When all we had was one photo of this lovely little lady (before we knew if we would be allowed to adopt the boy) and the promise of a hopeful future together, I thought about her every day, during all our family activities. Normal summertime adventures with the kids made me feel a tinge of guilt because she was left out of the fun. My heart ached for her, our daughter I had not yet met, a world away.

Would she like roasting marshmallows too?

Now I know for sure. She does.

1 Samuel 2:1
...My heart rejoices in the LORD...
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Lindy said...

so, so precious!! So glad she likes the marshmallows. Can't really be a Deutsch without them, can you?

Courtney said...

so good of you to remember...those feelings from last summer...we all need to remember more often...

Beckysblog said...

awesome post. God is good.

Stephanie Headley said...

This is a fun photo! She has the biggest grin ever....don't blame her I LOVE roasted marshmallows too!

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