Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, October 25, 2010

And, it's Monday

1. It is October 25 in Colorado and we have yet to turn our furnace on this year. (No, 60 degrees indoors is not that cold.)

2. Kids decided to paint pumpkins this year over carving them. I was happy about not having to scrape 7 pumpkins out!

3. I am completely finished Christmas shopping for the kids, including *the coveted* box of sugary cereal per child. (Usually the kids are all I buy for. But this year I bought a gift for Bobby too. Then, I told him about it. Then, it arrived in the mail and I gave it to him! Merry Christmas honey love!)

4. With a couple of exceptions, Flint's birthday didn't really get recognized by extended family the way the other kids' birthdays are. Not sure what to do/think/say about that.

5. Stryder sang to us over breakfast, loud and proud: "The b-l-e-l-e, yes that's the book for me, I stand upon the word of God, the b-l-e-l-e Bible!" (He was super cute and quite pleased with himself, so I didn't tell him that song sends shivers down my spine. Blast from the cult past.)

6. Flint said a naughty word today, with a heavy Ethiopian accent, then laughed like it was funny, funny funny. Yes, I know. That is terrible! Really. I need to focus on my vocabulary. At.All.Times.
*Even when I open the cabinet and the stack of dishes my sweet sons "put away" splatter all over tile and break into pieces.* And, even when Clover spills the container of beads so they COVER the kitchen floor, and we clean them up. So she may promptly she dump them again.* And, even when they think it is ok to swing from the curtain rod ripping it right out of the wall.* And, even when we have 4 boys within a 3 year span who believe it is their birthright to (quite possibly) literally try to kill one another, in the name of playing together.* And, even when getting into the van to leave the house results in a black eye for one of the previously mentioned boys.*
(Why, why, why? This is what I ask myself. As I scratch my head in near disbelief. Right before I shamefully utter words better bleeped out.)
Yes, even then. I think I shall say, "oh pickles!"

Guess who got a hair cut?
Hint: It wasn't Jayla
Somehow, calling him The Wookie just no longer seems fitting.
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Courtney said...

i hate you right now with the whole christmas shopping thing. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am sure family members being so wrapped up with Bob's problems is part of the cause of the bd problems if I were guessing!!!
Aunt Linda

Tisha said...

Linda, even with all she has going on, big grandma was still able to get her birthday card out to Flint! Isn't that amazing!? She is so, so wonderful.

EM said...

LOL "oh Pickles!" I'm going to remember that one.

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