Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, October 08, 2010


- Taking a bead out of the vase each day is proving to be a great reminder for me to number my days, redeem the time and make it count. There is an actual count of sweet mornings I will wake up with them here and nights we will all go to sleep under the same roof. All seasons have an element of finality. The tactile, visual display of this definitely helps me remember. This too shall pass....And I will miss it when it does. Let me make the most of it while I've got the chance.

- There is a boy at the kids' enrichment class that is interested in Jayla. Oh, yes. I do mean that kind of interest. He has no problem making it known either. To the whole group of kids. Goodness. Does he not realize her mother could absolutely pop a cork over information such as this? As of right now, he is not exactly an exceptional prospect either - lest the Lord get a hold of that child, stop him dead in his naughty little tracks, and turn him around. Ahem. Dear Mr. Boy, our beloved Jayla is her daddy's girl until she is old enough to marry a fantastic, committed young man who comes knocking ON THE FRONT DOOR, willing to go through her father, to get to her. She is not available to respond to your oh so funny, whimsical attempts at young love. Nice try son. Now, go away....

- The whole book we are currently reading is (surprise!) Little House in the Big Woods. Shocking beyond belief, I know! The bigger kids are doing a study on ancient Rome where we they recently learned about Caesar Augusts, Mark Antony, Pompeii, and Cleopatra. Talk about a power/love/greed triangle! I've become recently convinced (as I never really learned any of this when I was in school) history is the stuff juicy novels are made of. Learning can be rather exciting indeed.

- We (finally!) have a blog book for 2007-2008 and 2009. Used blog 2 print. They turned out beautiful, were very little work for me, and I am thrilled with them. Looking back over the past couple of years, I can see that I, and my blogging, have changed so much. These books are extremely valuable to my children. It has me thinking I should do more of the type of blogging I used to where I record many of the things they say and do - the dailies, so to speak. Who cares if it is interesting to anyone else?! They are my babies. And they are incredibly fascinating to me. ☺

- Grace Based Parenting is an excellent book. Reading it has been quite convicting. {Thank you Jenn.}

- My happiness was lost. It's coming back. It is not the same as it was though.
This proves to be a different kind - more realistic - more aware - less naive - less judgemental - less black and white and certain and sure and idealistic - more unclear than ever - but willing to step into the place where joy and pain meet - exquisite companions - and dwell there. {Grateful}


Mike and Sherri said...
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Sandy said...

If you think about it... bring the blog book(s) tomorrow. I would love to see how they turned out.

Holly said...

great stuff.
especially the last one.

Tisha said...

Thank you Sherri, I appreciate your comments :)
I tried to e mail you, but it won't go through...
We used Blog2Print and were very happy pleased with the quality of the books. The pictures are clear and the print is really nice.

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