Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some Things

We finished reading Little House in the Big Woods and began Little House on the Prairie. Gosh, have I mentioned I love these? The books are even better than the shows - more detail about how they conducted their every day lives.
I've been thinking about why they are so appealing to me, and I might have some of the allure figured out. Those people were incredibly connected - to the earth, to their food, to the land, to God, and to one another. It's such a stretch from where many of us are today - removed - from the earth, from the land, from God, and from one another. As far as we have come in our day and age, there is a great deal we can learn from a nice long look back to the time when dependence and gratitude were constant companions, hand in hand.
I have been walking and jogging with David Platt on my iTouch - beyond the Radical series - to the regular church sermons. The Church at Brook Hills went through the entire Bible beginning in the Old Testament. This is some GOOD BIBLE TEACHING! Hallelujah. There are no bullet point topics or 5 simple steps to the life you want....He is not overly charismatic or humorous or charming or full of provocative stories. He is a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and a lover of scripture. The sermons are served from the Bible - straight up.
*Warning* He will ruin you for fluffy, superficial, "current" preaching and you will clearly see, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Word of God IS relevant. {Praise}
Cassie is coming to Colorado and I get to meet her. I am crazy excited. (She has the cutest 2 year old ever! Ever ever! You might want to pop on over to her blog and take a look. See? I do not lie!)
When I think about Cassie, the first thing that comes to mind is a true friend. If you had something amazing happen to you, and you wanted to tell someone, the first person you would think of is Cassie. If you had something terrible happen to you, and you wanted to tell someone, the first person you would think of is Cassie. She is the type of friend who will weep with you - and even harder to find - the type of friend who will sincerely rejoice with you. What a rare gift.
I can write corny e mails to her (and I do!) and never worry they are taken the wrong way. She has a great sense of humor, is light hearted, can fluently speak the *official language* Sarcasm with even out a hint of unkindness, and doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. When I mistakenly said something wrong a couple of months ago, like it's such-and-such-day-and-month 2009 - she corrected me by saying "I think it's 2010, but don't quote me on that." ☺ Now, don't you just love that?  I do too. I can hardly wait.
Our family is going to Nate and Anastasia's house for dinner tonight. It's because Nate and Anastasia are very brave.


Beckysblog said...

You have Cassie pegged.

And Im jealous that she gets to meet you. And jealous that you get to see her because I rarely get to and we only live 2 hours apart!


Cassie said...

gosh. that was nice. :)
CRAZY excited to meet you, too!
is it monday yet??

Courtney said...

jealous you get to meet cassie! have FUN!

oh, and david platt. YES.

Anastasia said...

i think you guys were the brave ones...I'm glad we did it! We'll have to do it again!

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