Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some Things

~ Had a fantastic home schooling week. Our rhythm is pretty well established now and I am getting better at working with the kids in their 3 groups: 3rd graders, kindergartners, and preschoolers. We are getting a lot acomplished yet maintaining an easy flow. First semester J&O do history and geography. They finished up a long study that centered mostly in the Roman Empire, and rounded out with the vikings. We will begin a long study on American History next, which will take us through December. Then, second semester they focus on science. Saxon math is year round, as is reading and writing.
T&M are practicing reading with Bob books and library books, as well as adding and doing spelling words. F&S are writing their letters and numbers. Clover is looking adorable and cutting up lots of scrap paper. We are through chapter 13 of Little House and read about John the Baptist this week, until the time he baptized Jesus.
I am thankful to be spending my days with my people whom I love.
They teach me as I teach them and sometimes it's hard but it truly is a wonderful life.

~ Getting ready to sign the 4 big kids up for Upwards Basketball which begins in January. Trying not to hyperventilate. That is a huge schedule commitment for evening practices and Saturday games. I don't really do well with little things like having to leave the house on a consistent basis. The busy life is so not for me. It's only 3 months, it's only 3 months, it's only 3 months....
They will enjoy it. And I will enjoy watching them enjoy it. It is an excellent program. And it takes place in the winter months that are too cold to get outside and play much, so the exercise is good for them.

~ I would love, love, love to have a baby and mourn each time the unfortunate monthly visit from *you know who* arrives. I hold great hope and pray for God's will to be done, whatever it may be.

~ Listening to some superb Keller sermons lately. He did a series on the biggest problems/complaints/obstacles people have with Christianity beginning in Jan 2010. Good, good stuff.

~ We have hot water again! Rejoice!

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one thankfulmom said...

I love to hear about a great school week. Ours was up and down with too many interruptions and then I got sick today. I hardly ever get sick, but this is the second time this fall.

Glad to hear you have hot water -- I am very partial to it.


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