Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I think I have a problem.

They say admitting it is the first step.

My teeth literally ache.

From the Halloween candy.

Yes, I'm serious. Unfortunately.

The gummy, fruity, chewy, sticky, (cavity inducing, jaw stretching) kind are my favorite.

I rarely ever, ever, ever buy candy. Unless my husband is going out of town. Or another stressful event is looming on the horizon. And, even then, I better not purchase it until the looming is over and the event has arrived. Or it will be gone by the time I need it. Because, apparently, I have no self control when it comes to sugar. At all.

Even when I do buy it, I have to make a selection. This or that. Maybe 2 if it's really going to be a tough week.

But, after dark on Oct. 31, all kinds of ooey gooey fruity goodness floods my otherwise bland, candyless life, filling my blood heart with excessive sugar joy. Such variety! Oh, the choices!

Where else can a candy crazed maniac woman find twizzlers, starburst, dots, laffy taffy, tootsie rolls, hot tamales, gummy bears, sweet tarts, and skittles all blissfully cohabiting in teeny tiny itty bitty, (deceptive little) individual compartments, (that call my name, because  just one couldn't hurt, (then, one more....and another....until it really does. Hurt.) blissfully existing together in a single gigantic, perfectly blended, extraordinarily delicious community?
That, my friends, is one flavorful, enticing bowl of happy, happy, happy.

Resisting is just so, so much to ask.

But, there's the whole painful tooth thing.

I put the blessed bowl up high on a shelf in hopes that I would be too lazy to climb up and get it. That lasted until 10:00 am. When I grabbed my stepstool....

Maybe I should just switch to chocolate.


Cassie said...

the thought of eating more than one piece of fake fruity, chewy, gooey, icky, sticky, sugary candy makes me feel ill.
but chocolate? ooooooooo sweet chocolate. i cannot be trusted when it comes to chocolate. sometimes i feel like i will literally die if i dont get my hands on some.

Courtney said...

and i love BOTH! the chewy AND the chocolate! NONE so far today. but i ate MONTHS worth in the past 2 days...i will have some when the kids go to bed tonight - IF i don't have any before then. it's my reward. {i'm so weird, i know...}

Anastasia said...

i loooooovvvvvveeee laffy taffy...they can have the chocolate unless it's dark!!!!!

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