Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Saturday, December 04, 2010


Oops. Sorry - I was having trouble with Picasa yesterday.
And blogger. And my computer. And my brain.

Big Deutschlets have play practice this morning.
Only 2 more weeks until their Theatrical Debut!
Is there anything more fun than watching your kids on stage?
(Well, yes. Alright. A few things are more fun. Quite a lot actually. But I'm not counting them.)

Had a good, good week with Meadow and Flint.
{Rejoice and breathe in deep sigh of gratitude - Ahhh.}

Had a less than good, good homeschooling week.
I may have pulled out some of my own hair.
Which is probably better than pulling out the kids' hair.
So, I guess that's good good.

Parade of Lights with the grandparents tonight.
Meeting at Red Top to eat first which means no cooking for me. {Score!}

While we did not have turkey on Thanksgiving, I did buy 5 of the poor, frozen, deceased, birds.
So, I will make a traditional Thanksgiving Day feast on Sunday.
You know what they say, better late than never.
That's right.
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Carla said...

Embrace the good times and look forward to many more. They will come and go, but become more and more frequent!! Blessings!!

this is us said...

homeschooling? does 15 minutes of math and a language arts worksheet count? oh! a documentary too. that works - right?

Beckysblog said...

precious precious picture.

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