Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog? What blog?

My husband was one of the (like 3) people off work yesterday for MLKJD. (It's good to be a quasi government employee, isn't it?) So, I took the long weekend (mostly) off the computer. Nice. Goodness, I love those breaks from feeling tethered to the internet. Bobby spends basically 0 minutes on the computer per day, (uless you count his new passion, angry birds on the iPod Touch) so it's easy to stay off when he is around the house. Lest he begin to believe I am a cyber junkie. We'll keep that little secret to ourselves.

Grandma had the kids overnight on Saturday. (Yes, she is amazing to do that.) The Man and I enjoyed a lovely, romantic date. Dinner, thrift store shopping, Starbucks, new tattoos, new camera know, the usual.

Yesterday, if you look at the freshly posted pictures you can tell, we decided to Focus on the Family.

Tomorrow, our 1 year post placement visit is scheduled for Meadow and Flint. Time flies. And it doesn't. I would like to say it was the best of times, but that wouldn't exactly be truthful now would it? What is true is that I am incredibly glad that first grueling, eye opening, year is finished.

Having to learn to communicate via The English Language, and how to use a toilet, and what this crazy-crunchy-turned-soggy stuff you pour milk on in the morning is, and how to play with siblings without counting their toys in angry protest that you have less than they do, and that there is no need to hide food or gum under the bed, nor must every one of our personal belongings be stowed away beneath our pillow for safe keeping, and that mom and dad are permanent, not on rotation until someone better comes along, nor do they take kindly to overt manipulation and scream tactics, is not easy. Not easy at all.
And that was just the first month....☺

Now that that's behind us, things are definitely looking up.

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