Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drumroll Please: And the winner is.....

Milestones - by Kia Warner

“It’s a boy, Mrs. Jones!”

“Class President, Mrs. Jones’ boy, will deliver our commencement speech.”

“Mrs. Jones, your boy must report immediately for military duty.”

You’re cordially invited to the wedding of Mrs. Jones’ boy.

Mrs. Jones is pleased to announce her boy’s daughter’s birth.

Here lies Mrs. Jones’ boy.
(50 words summing up an entire lifetime!)

Since my name is not Kia Warner, I suppose I have no reason to jump up and down, wave my arms about frantically, turn cartwheels, and ecstatically shout for joy loud enough that my far-away-neighbors can hear, making them curious as to the dollar amount of the lottery I have just (obviously!) won because no person in their right mind screams like that unless they are under the influence of the All Mighty Powerball .

They did say this about yours truly in the announcement of the winner:

There were other entries as poignant, but they encapsulated a single moment in time, such as Tisha Deutche’s piece about her daughter. 

So, I'm going to consider that an Honorable Mention. ☺

My (very, very, very) short story DID receive the most comments and discussion, and that is because of you, dear and faithful friends. {Thank you again.}

They have not yet given the writing prompt for the next competition. When they do, I may try to start the wheels turning to see if I can come up with something to enter....or maybe not...I am a little bit busy.
This could get addictive!

Off to my real job now.... :)


Holly said...

gosh that was fun...not a shabby addiction, really.

loved the 'honorable' mention!

Chris Noelle said...

but, you were a MISS JONES. ;)

HollyMarie said...

Huh, interesting. Your piece was a much better piece of writing. We've all learned how to create outlines... that's what the other one was, no depth. Oh well!

Sandy said...

This contest seems totally rigged!! I read all the entries and this was one of my least favorites. Totally, totally boring! Ugh, I'm disappointed. If I were judging, you'd be the clear winner.

EM said...

Say, this IS a fun hobby. I might join you on the next one. You inspired me to pick up a list of writing contests in my region, unfortunately when I got around to reading the list I found out it was an old list and all the deadlines had passed. Oops. Better luck next time. Real art is not bound by deadlines right? ha ha. I agree about the outline comment. I love your writing.

Tisha said...

Thanks. I wish you guys were the judges. ;-)

I was a Miss Jones! Which was much easier to pronounce and spell than Mrs. Deutsch! :)

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