Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I need you!

To compete in the final round of the One Tight Write competition, I needed to write a 50 word piece.

The winner of the contest receives $100 which I have chosen to donate to this missionary family, serving in Tanzania Africa, (just a couple countries south of Ethiopia) should I win.
You probably already know, I am thankful for Mr. Harrison's blog and the way in which he shares his thoughts on the Bible, theology, family, marriage, love and life. I believe he is a a gifted teacher and minister of the gospel.

The competition judges are taking comments left on the entries carefully into account as they decide who will receive the prize. So, I need your help! If you wouldn't mind taking a peek at this, (it won't take long, it's only 50 words after all! ☺) and leaving some positive feedback, I would be really grateful.

It was written with my sweet daughter Meadow in mind - the young lady surrounded by a family who looks so vastly different than herself - the girl who says she wants straight locks "just like Jayla's" - the one with beautiful, rich brown skin, curly black hair, and a tender, golden heart.

Baby girl, I see you.
Thank you for opening my eyes.
I love you,
Your momma


EM said...

Now that's the kind of deep reading I have time for. Thanks for letting me use my brain cells and putting forth something to be analyzed. Such a brave thing to do. I hope you win.

Katy said...

*eee, I really liked it!*
Of all of them so far, I like yours and the "virtual love" the best. They're the ones that I say to myself, "where can I get that book?"

Great job! And so glad that you're having fun with this!

Holly said...

oh, I was all over that!

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