Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, February 21, 2011

Celebrating 12 years of wedded bliss

As with anyone who has the privilege of knowing her, Big Grandma has been a very valued, very important person in my life ever since Bobby and I started dating nearly 16 years ago. An infinitely wise woman, fully and wholly devoted to the Lord, I couldn't begin to list all that she taught me through the years, while sitting at her infamous kitchen table. There, the hot coffee and warm hospitality freely flows, along with sweet, memorable conversation about days gone by. Big grandma holds an uncanny ability to make each person feel as if they are uniquely special to her. With fondness, she can tell you about her youth, spent in Nebraska when they brought in the wash bin for and heated water for a weekly bath every Saturday night. She can instruct you in the fine art of butchering a live chicken and teach you all about canning fruits and vegetables or growing a prolific garden. She discusses marriage and family and life and love and history and friendship with a gratitude and humility and zest few possess. At her table, there is always room, always time for just one more story, one more cookie, one more cup of coffee. She has mastered the art of living and loving well. Her words frequently come to mind and stir my heart, reminding me of worthy priorities as I spend my days. Although perhaps she is unaware, she has served as a mentor to me in the truest form.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas she became rather mysteriously ill. Doctor after doctor could not seem to accurately diagnose her condition, so her health continued to decline. Finally, only in the last few weeks, they have been able to determine what the problem may be and prescribe medication to help her feel better and regain some of her strength. I can not express how much it fills my heart with joy to see her up and about and full of life once again. Having the health and energy to enjoy doing things she likes to do is an answer to many, many prayers, said by many, many people.

Last night, Bobby and I had the opportunity to spend our 12th wedding anniversary with Big grandma and grandpa, along with uncle Dean and Jayla and Clover while the rest of our kids were at awana. We shared lasagna and salad and tapioca pudding and coconut macaroons and laughter and happiness and memories I will never forget.

The preciousness of our hours together are never far from my mind, especially now.  I thank God for one of the most treasured gifts of my entire life, Big Grandma. Everyone should be as blessed by someone special to them as I have been by her.Thank you Lord for the one and only Patty Jeanne Frey. ♥
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Keana said...

Absolutely! I couldn't agree more. I just wish we lived closer so the girls and I could know her more.

Chris Noelle said...

Happy Anny girl.

Keep on , keeping on....

rock on Bob.

Holly said... I want a Big Grandma ;-)

and Happy Anniversary Indeed!
(we were married in the same year by the way!)

Carrie said...

That is so sweet, brought tears to my eyes! Happy Anniversary!


Courtney said...

wow, love that!

especially this:
She has mastered the art of living and loving well.

i want to strive for that...

happy anniversary!

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