Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15

Or, more appropriately named: I can not think of another title.

I can see! Yipee! As of yesterday,my eyes are 20/25 and *supposedly* well on their way to 20/20. The edge of the cut around my left eye became frayed (or something to that effect, just hearing about it made my eyeball ache, so I found it quite settling not to be anxious to learn about what exactly happened. Keeping in mind the old anecdote ignorance = bliss, I *wisely* put my fingers in my ears and lalala'ed my way through the debriefing of the pesky details of all that took place on that cold eye slitting table.) during the procedure so I wore a contact lens to serve as a bandage during the weekend which made my vision blurry and my eye wicked scratchy and red.
Confession: I became unabashedly a.d.d.i.c.t.e.d. to the lubricating drops. Never far from my mind (or my hand) I affectionately ♥ referred to them as crack. Seriously, mama was hooked.
Although, I'm in recovery now, I will never, ever forget the way they made me feel. Like a slice of liquid heaven soothing my poor, red, irritated, dry, perforated eyeballs. Ahhhh.
Never underestimate the power of addiction.
After my post about church last week, I have been blessed with several opportunities for discussion about this topic with friends, plus I was lucky enough to hear back from some of you as you offered your thoughts on the subject. (I kindly, kindly thank you if you took the time to share.)

You know what's funny? There are some that said, "of course you can still enjoy fellowship and worship and Biblical education and engage in meaningful service toward others even if you do not consistently attend church services!" Then, there are some that said, "of course you can NOT enjoy fellowship and worship and Biblical education and engage in meaningful service toward others if you do not consistently attend church services!"

It's got me wondering why certain folks see religion and worship and relationship with God in more black and white, concrete ways, while others see it rather fluidly. Is it genetic predisposition or personality or past teaching or upbringing or indoctrination or experience that leads us to feel strongly the way we do about the manner in which our Christian faith can or can not be practiced?
Because from the same Bible, so many varying points of view spring forth.
But, I suppose that's another question for another day.....☺
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Holly said...

when you say 'church' what do you mean?
Sunday morning/weekly organized gatherings or something else?

I never got to pipe in, time is short, but I have SO many useless thoughts on this!

Tisha said...

Holly, I was asking about the necessity of going to "a church" as in the building and all that goes along with that, or if worshipping together at home as a family, or even with another group of people is a legitimate option for healthy fellowship. So, yeah, Sunday morning/weekly organized gatherings is pretty much what I meant....

I don't know if the post itself makes it more clear, or more muddy.

Tisha said...

Woops Holly, forgot to say, I would love to hear your point of view! :)

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