Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, March 14, 2011

Randomocity (according to the urban dictionary, it's a real word)

Because I can think of nothing worthwhile to say and reading seemingly insignificant tidbits about other people's lives is one of my favorite things to do.....

Random fact #1) I do believe I could eat nothing but sugar (in various deceptively masking food-like forms, of course) for several consecutive days before missing true sustenance. Which is funny, because I am not a junk food junkie per se. It's simply that I maintain a passionate affection and intense craving for sweets.

Random fact #2)  My story, The Art of Allowing Time did not win February's contest. But, it did receive a nice shout out, which is reward enough for a non-writer like me.

Random fact #4) I delusionally sincerely thought that taking a couple weeks off blogging would propel me into the forefront of the race for Mother of the Year Award. How could all that free time on my hands not effortlessly translate into exemplary motherhood? I don't know either! But, it did not. Alas, this is when I discovered I must actually be kind to them during our ample hours in one another's company if I plan to gain any Maternal Accolades. (Or at least go to bed at night without shedding tears of regret over my many, many, many mothering mishaps.)

Random fact #5 I can not count. Because I skipped Random fact #3.

Random fact #6 In my hard core pro-adoption days, I used to be less than completely for invitro fertilization. There were so many children awaiting parents after all! It has only been through the inability to conceive a child after undergoing a sterilization reversal (a SIXTH biological baby for goodness gracious sakes) that I have come to develop an overwhelming compassion for couples who desire a little one with their own DNA and continuously fail to see their dream become a reality by natural measures. This serves as yet, another example of how I can not seem to make myself draw hard lines about issues the way I once so easily did. This is black, this is white, this is right, and this is wrong. Life is so full of nuance and exception and simplicity and complication and areas of heavily shaded grey. I hold the utmost respect for couples who choose adoption exclusively. And for those who choose fertility treatments. My hat is off to both.

Random fact # 7 I'm thinking of getting another tattoo. I really like this one. What do you think?

Random fact # 8 For the first time in 7 years Bobby and I are getting away for more than one night sans Deutschlets. We are going to Vegas for a few days next week. Alone. Oh yes we are. ♥


Sandy said...

I love, love, love #6... the older I get, the more I feel that way too. My new favorite quote:

"Life is so full of nuance and exception and simplicity and complication and areas of heavily shaded grey"
-Tisha Deutsch

I enjoyed reading all your random facts and you may have inspired me to create my own list. :)

Suzyq said...

#7 ... I really want another one as well. :-) Trying to talk hubby into getting one with me. An old fashioned key for him and a heart lock for me. With a verse from song of Solomon. I say go for it! P.s. What was the last one you got?

Lisa Stucky said...

I love your randomness. And random you are. Vegas - just the two of you. Wow. It's been about 5 years since we got away for more than an afternoon --- hope it's completely AWESOME!

Sandy said...

I *love* your blog...keep writing :) I am thinking of getting my 1st tatoo this year - to celebrate turning 40. I want one on my foot...a bible verse or Christian saying...any ideas for me?

Cassie said...

since you are going to be in vegas...i say get a tatoo there!
i want another as well...just looking for something perfect....

Tisha said...

Thanks Sandy. :)

Suzan, my last tatto is a flow with 7 petals for the 7 Deutschlets. It needs to be retouched because the scabbing took off some of the color.
Your tattoo idea sounds awesome! I know lots of couples like that verse. Sweet. ♥

Lisa, isn't it amazing how time flies with little ones in the house? It is hard to get away. I'm looking forward to it! Thank you. :)

Sandy, Yay! I love new tattoos to celebrate milestones! My idea would be whatever verse or saying inspires you, because tattoos are all about uniqueness. Thank you for reading! :)

Cassie, I think that's a good idea! What are you thinking of getting?

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