Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reading Together

It is my single, solitary most favorite thing on earth to do with my children, which, I think, is part of the reason I am continued a fan of homeschooling. We have the opportunity to spend countless hours curled up with good books.
Yesterday, we finished our 4th book by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I can't speak highly enough about this one! It is definitely my favorite so far. There are abundant lessons to be found in The Long Winter which provided ample teaching and discussion opportunities for our family. I know it is supposed to be written for children, but I found myself personally moved and inspired by the heartiness, positive attitudes, joyful natures, industriousness, selflessness, ability to "make do," and gratitude of the characters. It's fairly suspenseful, so we cruised through it because we couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I'm moving The Long Winter to my short list of favorite books for families. I give it 5, big, fat, golden stars and 2 enthusiastic thumbs up. It's that good.

Enjoy it with your family today. (Just seemed appropriate to end this blogfomercial with those words.)

*And no, I'm not singing its praises simply because I am a known, hopeless LHOTP junkie.


Angela said...

Oh...I love those books, too. I read them all (by myself) when i was pregnant and bedridden with Maegan.

and, i love reading to my kids. We just started A Year with Miss Agnus, and know we are going to just fly through it. We are all so excited to see what happens next and the kids keep crying "keep reading!" and "just one more chapter, please!"

It's my favorite thing about homeschooling...bonding with fam around great books....
Creating memories...mmmm....

Lisa Stucky said...

Us too! We just started book 4 - On the Banks of Plum Creek. And are ready to start season 3 on DVD. My kids are junkies - um, ok, maybe me too??

It's our favorite "go to" when we are ready for a change in our school day.

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