Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


1) What do I do with her while I am working on school with the other kids?
I keep this one (and Stryder) at the table with us as much as possible. It's only when they can not stand one more minute of sitting-stillness that I let them go off and play, or maybe watch Sesame Street or one of the Leap Frog DVDs. While they are in the school area, I have lots of little hands-on activities they can busy themselves with - beads and strings, beans and egg cartons, alphabet magnets, monkeys in a barrel, coloring books, scissors and paper, whiteboards and markers, preschool pages, etc...

I have found that they absorb an astonishing amount of educational material through osmosis. Simple proximity to the learning that is taking place is an extremely effective teaching tool. Tyden is my best example of this. The boy knows far more than a kindergartner would be normally taught. It's only because he is taking in what Jayla and Onyx are learning right along with them.

**This year, Stryder and Clover have also enjoyed some play time together while the older kids are doing school - and it is very sweet for them - so I do try to allow it too. But they are also prone to getting themselves into mischief (and smear entire new bottles of hair conditioner all over the floor.) So, my "keep them at the table" approach may have dual motivations. ☺

2) We joined a gym. A brand spankin new, great big gigantic one. It's in Colorado Springs, so it's a bit of a trek for us, but they have 3 of these:
And if you live in this neck of the woods, you know pools are not necessarily easy to come by unless you dwell in a neighborhood that has one as part of their community. *Hugely surprisingly* Sticksville (where we gleefully abide) does not happen to offer such amenities.

**Although we primarily joined the gym for pool access, I was oh-so-pleased to discover this facility allows 2 hours of free child care per day while mom and/or dad work out. Hello! If I am soon in the best shape of my adult life, you'll know why.....

3) Speaking of getting in shape, I have decided that since no baby seems interested in climbing aboard my woefully vacant womb at this moment and my new gym has 2 free hours of child care per day, I will now devote myself entirely to promoting a rockin hard body excellent physical health. This seems a good alternative to hosting a (wee precious) baby who would only cause me to grow bloated, large, and full of all manner of undesirables (such as stretch marks, heartburn, loud unladylike belching, and varicose veins.) Yes, I am all about fitness I throw my Easter candy wrappers away.

**Perhaps this will help with the embarrassing, uncontrollable, spontaneous sobs that erupt every time I see a Bountifully Blessed pregnant woman.

4) My husband just finished building a 16 x 24 foot barn. With his own 2 hands. This endeavor propelled him far into superhero status among myself and our children as well as increasing his hotness exponentially in his wife's admiring eyes.

**Never underestimate the power of a handyman to make the ladies swoon.

5) I asked Stryder what kind of cake he would like for his birthday thinking he would suggest, "chocolate" or "funfetti" or "white." Instead, he dared utter the (dreaded) word "Batman." Um. Well. Clearly, this dear child does not yet realize the limits of his mother's *modest* cake decorating abilities. If it's Batman my (teeny-tiny-little-bitty-infant-who-couldn't-possibly-be-turning-5) boy wants, it's Batman he gets.

** Excuse me, while I go look up the phone number for the Bakery....

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Mama D.'s Dozen said...

GREAT job on the "what to do with the preschoolers" question. I spent the first 16 years of homeschooling, with a houseful of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers as well. My youngest is now in 3rd grade, and I miss having the little ones around. Oh yes ... two of my kids began reading fluently at age 4, through osmosis. :)

That gym seems amazing. I'm having a hard time getting motivated to get on my treadmill, that is crammed into the office, that I have to step over boxes to get to. A gym membership would be wonderful.

Great job on the barn. Wow!

Glad that you, too, would need to call a bakery for a batman cake. While I love to bake, decorating is not my forte.

Hope your week is BLESSED!

Laurel :)

Lisa Stucky said...

Love your ideas for those preschoolers. I need to do more of that - having things for Sawyer to do at the table, that is. He tends to roam around, when he's not sitting on my lap, and get into all kinds of mischief. Thanks.

Honestly, I am quite ready for the school year to be over, so I've gotten lazy in my tiredness. Five more weeks to go.

I couldn't make a Batman cake either. I made a baseball diamond for Sawyer ... that was super easy.

HollyMarie said...

LOL, you had me giggling with this post. :) Now if I had a gym anywhere w/in an hour of here that would allow free child care while I worked out, I would SO be there! Have fun!

As far as the empty womb goes, I have felt/feel your pain and though I recognize and understand that conception most likely will never ever ever happen for us, it still knocks me down hard some days. Ugh. ((HUGS))

Holly said...

that pool is awesome!
but the 2 hrs is way awesomer...for sure.

Courtney said...

have fun at the gym...i'm wondering how long our transition will long i'll NOT be able to go to the kids LOVE It!

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