Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No Gifts, Please!

Every year, for every holiday, I say this to my family. And, I really do mean it. Gifts are definitely, most certainly, absolutely, positively, N. O. T. my love language. No they are not. Not at all.

Fearful my beloved family was growing complacent in the knowledge they would perpetually be off the hook for every Mother's Day from here to eternity, I decided I must intervene on their behalf. It was *clearly* for their own good. {Complacency is not an admirable character trait, now is it?!}

Always keeping my serviceable contribution to my brood as one of my highest, {most noble} priorities, you can imagine their surprise when I announced while standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes that they could, this year, purchase me something. In fact, I had the very thing I would *ever so generously allow them to buy for me* in mind. {I know! My benevolence spilleth over!} It was this.

I had seen it on an episode of Rachel Ray and thought it would be right up my child lovin, home cookin, simple ingredients savorin, nutritious morsel generatin alley. How pleasantly amused was I to discover I was correct? It IS up my child lovin, home cookin, simple ingredients savorin, nutritious morsel generatin alley! I have scoured each and every page in search of delectables I believe my (no longer complacent, thanks to me. You're welcome Deutsch people! It was the least I could do for my precious bugaboos...) family will enjoy and have earmarked a bundle of them.

I do not think I have ever been so excited about a cookbook. I am sure I will (roughly, because sticking strictly to a recipe is next to IMpossible) attempt of half or more of the recipes in the book, which is rare for me. Usually I pick out a handful and leave the rest to someone else.

The recipes are clearly simple, fairly basic, delicious, and highly nutritious with user friendly symbols informing the reader of which are vegan, vegetarian, can be made ahead, etc. in addition to approximately how long each will take. I have nearly all the suggested staples in my home already, and you probably do too. Also provided are variations for several of the dishes, sure to be pleasing for parents and children alike.

*Our crew eats vegetarian about 50% of the time and it includes many hearty meatless meals that will satisfy. We eat vegan exactly 0% of the time...unless it happens by accident. Our penchant for dairy is strong, undeniable, and must be heavily indulged in order to keep any semblance of peace.*

She does not know it, but G.P. is my new best friend. And no, I find nothing creepy about that statement whatsoever.

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Holly said...

oh gosh...I've always loved her!
and now she has a cookbook...that's almost too much!!!

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